How to make nail art

How to make nail art


1.Enter each 2-3 drops of nail polish of different colors into a bowl of water. How to shedding it is to the middle of the first droplet and alternate between one color with another color. Illustrations like this: 1 drop of pink color, 1 drop red, 1 silver drops, 1 drop of pink, 1 drop red, and so on.

2.Colors that will be spread, and then using a toothpick, the desired shape according motif.
Dip your nails in a bowl, stirring while the other hand the rest of the nail polish on the inside of the bowl in a circular motion.

3.Lift your nails, then clean the area around the affected nail dyes using nail polish remover.

4.Coat your nails with a top coat.


Today nail art is very popular.There are basic things to remember whenever you want to do nail art.

  1. Remove old nail paint.
  2. Use best quality of nail remover.
  3. Trim your nails with nail cutter or nail shaper.
  4. Apply base coat of any shade.
  5. Place the little bit of sticker on the half portion.
  6. Apply another colour on the half part.
  7. You can also apply dots.
  8. Try glitters.