How-To: Make Your Makeup Stay This Summer

How-To: Make Your Makeup Stay This Summer


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If you thought summer was soon coming to an end, the 40 degree heatwaves across the country certainly have a way of reminding us that the hot weather is here to stay for a while longer.

As I sweltered through a barbecue on the weekend in 39 degree heat, I dreaded looking in the mirror when I got home, fearing my face would have melted down my neck. But to my surprise, it looked like I’d never even left the house.

I frantically tried to remember which setting spray I’d spritzed on - turns out it was Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray.


What Does This Setting Spray Do?

- It's a scented fixing mist designed to keep your makeup in place all day
  • It’s formulated with Niacinamide to control your skin’s oil production

  • It naturally mattifies the skin while promoting a natural, healthy-looking finish

  • Prevents your makeup from going ‘cakey’ and looking powdery

  • Stops foundation products from settling into fine lines & pores

  • Suitable for most skin types including oily

  • Gerard Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand

The Fragrances:

I've used other setting sprays before that have quite a strong chemical smell - this took me back to the days of using hairspray to keep your makeup in place. I find these scented sprays so refreshing, that I'd categorise them almost as a face mist as well.

Slay All Day Setting Sprays are available in best-selling Green Tea (my favourite), as well as Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Watermelon, Rose, Coconut and Mango. So basically, they all smell like a holiday.

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How To Use:

For most of you, you've already been on the setting spray bandwagon for quite a while, but for those of you who haven't - simply spritz on your setting spray onto your whole face from about 30cm away. I usually do about 4 sprays using an 'X' and "+" movement to ensure I've covered my whole face.

Pro Tip: If I know I need my makeup to last really well, I spray my setting spray directly onto a blending sponge (only so its slightly damp, not wet), and I very gently dab it directly onto areas where my makeup usually wears off first. I’ve usually applied setting powder to these areas as well, so not only do I find this really keeps the area from shifting, but it also stops that area from looking powdery or cakey.


What's Everyone Saying?

InStyle's Beauty Editor has dubbed this setting spray the most popular on Instagram, while beauty bloggers are reporting it keeps their makeup in place and it's refreshing on the skin. Oh, and everyone is raving about the fragrances, of course.

★★★★★ Hands down best setting spray out there! - Chloe

"This just is like liquid magic, you're makeup will NOT budge with this stuff! I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse and before this stuff I was an oil slick by lunch no matter what setting spray I used! Now I'm flawless until knock off time ;) and it smells define, what more could you want?!"

★★★★★ Beauty game changer - Jessica

"This product changed my life, its amazing. My makeup stays perfect all day no matter what I'm doing. This is a must have beauty product I can't even deal with how great it is!"

★★★★★ Great for oily skin - Merel

"I love, love, LOVE this product!! It helps to keep my face from sliding off in an oily heap. My skin is SUPER OILY!! It smells good too!! My make up lasts the whole day into evening cocktails."

★★★★★ Best Spray Ever! - Alicia

"What else can I say... The spray does EXACTLY as described. I have incredibly oily skin and in the summer heat my makeup tends to slip off. I was genuinely surprised when I looked in the mirror after my 9 hour day at work. I was hot all day and got home, ready to clean off my makeup and have a shower and my face looked exactly the same as when I left! I'm dumbfounded. I heard about it from a YouTube review but I'm so happy I took the risk and impulse bought it."

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