How to prevent wrinkles under eye?

How to prevent wrinkles under eye?
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is there any natural way of treating wrinkles under eyes? i moisturise my face & neck 3-4 times a day! any tips that i can do daily?


Do you use an eye cream? or moisturizer only?


I know this may sound really funny - but I have just come to terms that the only people without wrinkles under the eye are those that don’t smile - so I stood myself in front of the mirror and practiced a genuine smile that didn’t wrinkle up my eyes. Wrinkles come with age and they are going to form where there are weaknesses…

So I got to thinking…when else do I scrunch up my eyes like that? In the sun - so great, I am making more effort to wear sunglasses during the day.

Other than that I am doing the same old thing as everybody else…I am using under eye cream collagen fillers and every serum known to man!!

Good luck!!


These wrinkles are caused by smiling and probably sun exposure. They also come with age, even those in their early 20’s can have them, because everybody smiles to some extent! I haven’t heard of any successful ways to eliminate them with creams, not that I have tried it though.


That completely depends on which type of skin you have. If you want to know the skin type of yours then surely you can opt for some of the treatment form one of the reputed skin centers.


Been having the same issue and on the quest looking for the best eye cream. Which one do you guys suggest that worked best for you?


I love the ASAP Advanced Eye Repair +. It’s hydrating but not too rich and I have noticed a reduction in the darkness underneath my eyes…win!


Sounds good! I’ll definitely try that and let you know how it goes :slight_smile:



just put cocumber every sleep:yum:


Hi Channel! I’m excited to tell you that ASAP Advanced Eye Repair + works for me! I’ve been using it for 5 days now and I’m starting to notice some improvement with the darkness underneath my eyes. In just 5 days, would you believe that!? I’m already in love with the product! (Just a bit pricey though lol!)


Hey Princess91 :slight_smile: I would love to do the cucumber thing, it’s just that I can’t see myself lying down for 15 minutes with cucumbers on my eyes. Seriously, it’s difficult for me to do that when I know I could be doing something else.

And about the cold tea bags, I read somewhere that caffeine contributes to dark circles around the eyes that’s why I had to lessen my coffee intake so I’m not really sure if the cold tea bag patch would be a good idea. But I’m not an expert so maybe someone else could enlighten us on this topic. :slight_smile:


Hi elisemillerx,

Hurray! I’m so glad the Advanced Eye Repair is working for you, I really love it!! :slight_smile: I love that you only need the tiniest amount - I use about a rice grain amount for both eyes - should last a good long time that way :slight_smile:

Channel x


Yes, I do think it will last for a few months which is a good thing. I’d still have time to save up for the next one lol! :chuckle:


Thanks for the suggestion Princess91! Haven’t heard of that yet but I’m interested. Is it something available locally or need to be purchased online?


My sister was able to prevent her wrinkles by practicing facial exercises. Facial exercises really makes a difference.


[QUOTE=pamelawalmer;464852]My sister was able to prevent her wrinkles by practicing facial exercises. Facial exercises really makes a difference.[/QUOTE]

That’s interesting! What sort of facial exercises does she do?


I agree. Smile wrinkles show you have lived a good life!


To reduce wrinkles on your face try doing facial exercises. By doing them you would have your facial muscles strengthen.


The best solution for removing the wrinkles under eye then use Absolute Eye Cream for it. you have to apply sunscreen lotion of best quality.Avoid smoking.


Proper sleep is must for reducing the eye wrinkles. Avoid smoking.You can try sunscreen cream.Eat green vegetables and fruits. And avoid over washing of face.