How to Strengthen Weak Brittle Nails?

How to Strengthen Weak Brittle Nails?


I’ve always had decently strong nails but lately have noticed they keep breaking easily. Ugh! I had shellac for the first time about 3 months ago and remember the removal process at the salon being quite brutal. After a bit of a soak, the nail technician was really getting in there digging away to scrape off the remaining lacquer and I’m now wondering whether this is perhaps the reason my nails are suddenly weaker. Thoughts?
And on that note, does anyone have ideas for strengthening?


Shellac is the same as gel nails onky a paint with colour! When it is removed layers of nail come away aswell! So to answer your question yes, shellac is most likley the reason for brittle nails! Also beauty comes from within, so make sure you have essential vitimins and plenty of water!


Try the beauty Chef products … Collagen is good for hair skin and nails… or any other hair, Skin and Nails vitamin … my nails have always been brittle and made worse by Arcrylic overlays … I’ve noticed they are stronger since using the Beauty Chef products (Glow, Collagen and Body) and changing my diet to be more healthy.


Thanks @jessicawalmsley. Any suggestions for vitamins for healthy nails?


oh good idea @lisasmart Should get on to those Beauty Chef products. I’ve tried the Glow but the Collagen is probably a good one


i think Glow is like the foundation one and you add your choice of a ‘builder’ … ie Collagen or Hydration etc … i do both …


silica! look into beauty chef powder its great also. x


I have to agree with everyone else here, ‘GLOW’ from the Beauty Chef may take a couple of weeks to get into your system but once you’ve been taking it for a while you’ll see the difference in your hair , nails and overall skin glowing as they say. And a plus is you’ll feel great as well. It’s one of the best beauty products I have tried.


Biotin, Vitamin H, Vitamin B7 , try these vitamins to strengthen your nails.