Hydrating creams for super dry legs?

Hydrating creams for super dry legs?
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I tend to get really dry and scaly legs. Admittedly I’m not good with regular moisturising but I feel like even when I do it regularly for short periods it doesn’t make much difference. Winter is especially bad! Wondering if you guys have found any good moisturisers that solve this? I was considering trying one of the Lanolips products like their Everywhere Multi Cream because their lip balms definitely fixed my dry lips.


I have really dry skin since my thyroid went on the fritz so I understand!
I use:

  • frank scrub - cheap and gets rid of the scales in a flash (bit messy though)
  • body oil eg organic jojoba or the Trilogy rich body cream is superb or loccitane shea body cream.

I find i have to moisturise at least once a day as well. I do think using a nourishing shower oil is really helpful too - loccitane do that delicious almond one but i also love the QV bath and shower oil.


Thanks @lisatarasenko. Do you know if your thyroid is overactive or underactive? I do sometimes wonder whether the dry skin could be something systemic as well that I should check out.

I like the idea of using a body oil like Jojoba. Do you find it gets messy though or does it absorb well? I’ve heard the Jurlique body oils are awesome too. My friend said she used Jurlique oils through her pregnancy and didn’t get a single stretch mark.


Weleda Skin Food! Fantastic! Absolutely Fantastic… my legs looked lizardlike…now they are smooth


Oh! I have a sample of this I haven’t yet tried @janinewalda! It’s so small though it probably won’t go far on my legs. How many applications before you had a noticeable difference with your skin?


Use it when damp (not dripping) from the shower and it will go far enough. I used one 75ml tube over a month and my skin is great


Systemic… I can say that candida/yeast overgrowth causes systemic dry skin, hair & nails. I also believe (not certain) that (1) digestive issues and (2) mineral deficiencies contribute as well.


@stephaniewillis I believe it!! I definitely know that candida/yeast overgrowth is something I have to work on with diet and probiotics etc so I guess sorting those things out would help this a ton. Any idea which mineral deficiencies would contribute? I know Vit D is a big one for a lot of people.


Mines underactive :frowning:


Ive read that fulvic mineral deficiencies can cause dry skin and prematurely grey hair. Im about to try some fulvic mineral capsules so ill report back of it goes well!


@christined Definitely treating inner is important, but for treating dry skin on the outside I make sure I’m using a foam free/ citrus free cleanser as I find them drying, even if the foaming action is from a plant source. Then when I get out of the shower I dry body brush to gently exfoliate dead skin and stimulate hydration/ oil flow. For moisturisers I love ECObySonya Coconut Body Milk, it is amazing and leaves my legs feeling smooth all day! I also make sure I exfoliate my body at least once a week along with dry body brushing every day morning and night :slight_smile:


@eviesskin @christined i think this is really key advice - my skin ia far less dry when im in a regular exfoliation routine like dry body brushing or some frank body scrub once a week.


The Body Shop body butters are ah-mazing! I’ve got really dry legs (to the point of being itchy) and when I use this, they stay silky smooth and hydrated.

Alternatively, there is also the MooGoo udder cream, it is used by people going through radiation and it hydrates and protects the skin.


So many people talk about Moogoo! I need to try this finally @clairebarnett. Thanks for the suggestions.


Late to this one but agree with the suggestions to treat the inner as well. My kids both used to get horribly dry itchy skin on their legs, we tried a bunch of things but in the end it was (a) cutting out tomatoes and (b) switching to A2 milk. Go figure.

La Roche-Posay and Bioderma both have excellent ranges for super-dry and sensitive skin. I like the Bioderma Atoderm lotion in the big pump bottle.


pure raw shea butter. nothing beats it. it is the ingredient they use to make all those expensive body butters so effective, its the work horse… you can buy it on ebay for a fraction of the cost of what you’d spend on some high end body butter but it will work better cause there aren’t fillers in it. i buy 2kgs worth for $50 and it lasts a year (even though i slather it on my entire body almost every night!) Its thick stuff and a little goes a long way.