Hyped products

Hyped products


I’m always have a long wish list of products that I want to try.

Would love to know which super hyped or cult products have you tried that were just a complete disappointment?


I found the Erin Bigg foundation luminous foundation a complete disappointment - wasn’t luminous, seemed to disappear by the end of the day and left my skin dry. Whereas the Designer Brand foundation for $20 was wonderful!


The Laura Mercier translucent powder. Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful finely milled setting powder. But does exactly the same as my $10 cheapo setting powders…and it’s $60
Thanks but I will stick to the cheap one.


I’ve read some great reviews for the DB foundation! Keen to try it out!


Which cheaper ones would you recommend?!


My current favourite is the Savvy translucent powder and it’s $7.99 from Priceline, I look airbrushed and it keeps me matte all day. But I also love the e.l.f HD powder which is like $11 from Kmart and the Australis ready set go finishing powder. I just use so much of the product that I just cant see the point in paying top dollar when there is an cheaper dupe.


Ahhh I had my make-up done for a photoshoot and the make-up artist raved about the e.l.f powder too! It’s hard to get a hold off at my local Kmart, its always sold out!


@hayleypan The e.l.f HD powder is available on the Adore site!


I’ll have to keep that in mind when I finish my current finishing powder!!


I’m a huge fan of that ELF HD powder it looks beautiful on


Hey Hayley!!

So unfortunately I am one to jump onto the brainwashed by yt and pinterest train. Here are some products which my sheepmind bought:

  • ABH Moonchild glow palette: There is actually nothing wrong with this palette, only the fact that the colours are not usable for an everyday look… unless you want a purple and blue unicorn glow. I bought this without really thinking about “will i ever use this”. I guess I bought it because everyone typed it up, also I found the actual formula a little more powdery then other highlighters.

  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation: I bought the poreless formula because the shop I was buying them at did not sell light enough shades of the dewy formula. Everyone seemed to love this product online so I was crazy excited to use it. The first day I tried it without a primer (to see what it would be like) IT WAS SO CAKEY within a few hours!! I had used concealers underneath it and did set it but it looked horrible. So I tried it again with a rimmel primer and it was still so disgusting, all of my pores looked huge and my undereye fine lines were accentuated to the max! I was so upset. {However I did eventually find Maybellines Age Rewind primer which worked very well with it, my fine lines & pores were lessened and the skin looked smooth.}

  • Witchazel Toner: I cannot remember the exact brand this was, but I purchased it from Chemist Warehouse. It literally did NOTHING for my skin. After using the entire bottle my skin looked the exact same as when I started. It was a total waste of money. I only bought it because everyone on pinterest was saying how great it was.

After these mistakes I am now doing my best to thoroughly research and test products before purchasing, because it really sucks to be disappointed.


I have similar thoughts on all the ABH highlighters! They look great for photos on Instagram, but aren’t really what you would want for everyday! Although the ABH Modern Renaissance palette I think is definitely worth the hype. The colours are so versatile and are really pigmented and buttery so a little goes a long way!

One of my Garnier gel toners has Witchazel and I haven’t any difference too. I was thinking of getting just a Witchazel toner but now I’m kinda put off. However my Body shop one works pretty well !


I bought the witch hazel toner mainly because it was so affordable, it was T.N Dickinson’s. I’ve been using the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner and wow after a few weeks I definitely started seeing a difference in my pore size.

I just purchased Tarte’s rainforest of the sea skin twinkle palette the other day, I will see how this highlighting palette goes and let everyone know! It looks soooo pretty :heart_eyes: