I want sexy smooth skin! - Body Scrub / Exfoliation

I want sexy smooth skin! - Body Scrub / Exfoliation


I am looking to get a head start on having smooth sexy skin for my summer dresses! I would love recomendations for body scrubs, exfoliants and lotions everyone loves using.

I want to stop little the follicle bumps we get from shaving and waxing. As well as no dryness! Smelling amazing would be a bonus!

I don’t personally tan, but adding in suggestions for that may help other ladies!


Any suggestions on exfoliating mits?


ASAP REVITALISING BODYSCRUB sounds like a great product. Any feedback on this?


I really like the ASAP Brand & this product is another winner!!!
This product is great at removing the dead cells that form on the outer epidermis layer of the skin. And i loved that it was full of all the wonderful ingredients like AHAs, antioxdants & vitamins that left my skin feeling nourished.
I notice whenever i use fake take it really drys my skin out especially around the knees & elbows. So i find that using this before & after really keeps my skin in good prepping & post condition :wink: .


Ooh I like the sound of the body scrub! Thanks for the feedback @AshaChizzoniti.

@annettebisinella did you ever get around to trying this? Or did the Alpha-H wipes suffice?


@christined LOVE the alpha wipes. I am on my second packet.
They really great while I was away camping over grand final long weekend.
So easy to use, they exfoliate skin nicely and moisturizing side leaves them feeling so soft.


My cosmetologist recommend me t use some scrubs for skin and buy some cheap cosmetology equipment here https://bimedis.com/search/search-items/cosmetology-equipment which makes our skin more healthy and smooth. Also we do not forget about vegetables and fruits which contains useful vitamins for skin.


I am a huge fan of the Frank body scrubs - the cacao one is delicious. Really inexpensive, lasts for months, amazing soft smooth skin. The only downside is the mess - you have to rinse the shower out a bit. Also their advertising is annoying - no body or racial diversity.


I use this product it’s amazing.