I wash my face with moisturiser

I wash my face with moisturiser


I used to break out quite badly across the bottom of my face/jawline and even went to the doctors about it. He suggested washing my face with an antibacterial wash then use sorbolene as a moisturiser. I’d been using Pricelines brand of sorbolene (https://www.priceline.com.au/priceline-sorbolene-cream-with-10-glycerine-1-l) for a while and found it to be quite heavy on its own (as a moisturiser). So I decided to use it to wash my face and haven’t had a major breakout in 6 months! I’m lucky to get a pimple a month and can eat as much chocolate and crap as I want (and leave my makeup on overnight)! Then I just use a basic moisturiser (coconut oil or Sukin’s moisturiser) and I’m done.


@catfrost so interesting! I have heard this before as well - that a good sorbolene works well as a cleanser.


Oh that’s really interesting! This isn’t actually too far from what I do after I get out of the shower - often I’ll slap on any ole thick moisturiser, then wipe it off instead of cleansing if I haven’t worn makeup that day.

I think there’s a lot of focus on cleansing the skin that isn’t justified - I think often people assume if they’re breaking out they should use a stronger cleanser, which definitely isn’t the case, at least in my experience.

My housemate who has BEAUTIFUL skin does this too - it’s her only skincare step I believe. Though, I think she has genetics working in her favour - so lucky :laughing:


genetics definitely arent working in my favour. my face burns very easily (even driving in the car for 10 mins when the suns out makes me bright red!). if i do feel like i need more coverage, i’ll use Stila’s One Step Correct to even out my skin, then just dab some powder over the top. I do have quite big pores though, and a lot of them, so im on the look out for something to help with that…
i’d tried all the “acne/blemish” cleansers, scrubs, gels out there and nothing worked. was almost going to invest in Proactiv but glad I didnt. sometimes simple is best.


Very interesting. I have done this in the past when I’ve run out of cleanser and it worked well for my skin. Maybe I should do that on a consistent basis :wink: