If you could only choose one Beauty Chef product what would it be?

If you could only choose one Beauty Chef product what would it be?


Hi all … I’ve started using Beauty Chef - body, glow and collagen. I need energy and want to have healthy luscious hair. My diet is slowly getting better. Skin has always been good but I am 50 so wrinkles and fine lines are a nasty inevitable. I’d really be interested in everyone’s opinions … what would you choose if you could only buy one?? Or what is the best combination of products? Would love to hear feedback. :smile:


I’ve only tried the Inner Glow so far, I have to admit I’m not a big fan of the berry-like flavour. So I would probably go for the Inner Beauty Powder in Vanilla and the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost for my two staples if I had to choose!


I’ve also only tried the Inner Glow but I actually like the flavor. However, I don’t just have it with plain water. I like to add it in a smoothie, which would have:

1 cup Blueberries
1 Banana
Chia seeds (soaked overnight)

As for a combination, I would love to try the Collagen boost with the Inner Glow


I have Glow in the morning with Collagen and Body for my lunch. I love all of them except the Cleanse. The flavour is a bit yuck but then I wasn’t drinking it for the taste. I find the Body is a great meal replacement for when I skip lunch and sometimes throughout the day I’ll have a glow just because I love the taste. I started them because I wanted more pro and pre biotics in my system but I kept it up because I feel so much better overall. Sorry did you say choose one? Thats hard because they are for different things. The Glow has more probiotics but then the Body is like a whole meal. The Collagen and others like it are an add on and I don’t think would be as beneficial by themselves. If I had to choose, the body probably. But Glow is a very close second.


I think I’ll just stick to all three!!


Why not! :joy:


@lisasmart All Beauty Chef products are so amazing :joy: I think Hydration Inner Boost would be great for you to boost circulation (giving you more energy but also hydrates your skin to reduce fine lines) plus it tastes like a tropical holiday! And Probiotic Skin Refiner is a toner/ exfoliant/ cell turnover booster so great for reducing skin ageing and keeping youthful :grin::blush:


My favourite would be Glow. I have it daily with water and notice a big difference with my skin when I dont use it.