I'm pale, please help!

I'm pale, please help!


My Malaysian holiday tan has finally worn off. My legs are a blinding white and I need to add a little fake tan to get me through the winter and remind me of warmer days.

I’m not keen on getting a spray tan (too messy and let’s face it - way too much nudity in front of a stranger) so need some home solutions. Which products are your faves and what tips do you have for avoiding a streaky bacon looking result?


Good question! I too am a pale human. Pale Peeps Unite! :dancers:

I like to give myself a super good scrub with an exfoliating mitt and then use the St Tropez self-tan mousse. It’s a VERY scary colour when it first comes out of the bottle and looks like it’s going to be much darker than it ends up being, but it ends up a lovely, glowy colour.

Oh! Make sure you use gloves to put it on too. Otherwise you’ll have weird tan hands for a week.


I have used EVERY fake tan in existence.

Current fave is Tan-Luxe which I highly recommend. I use the drops for the face, and Gradual Tan for the body. Zero fake tan smell, great colour too. The Gradual Tan is not that gradual IMO, I get a noticeable result with just one coat and I am pretty pale.
I don’t bother with gloves for these products, it’s ok if I wash my hands immediately, but I do recommend gloves plus a mitt for anything else with a quick-dry texture (mousse or spray) or a tint.


I’m as pale as they come and as such every Friday night I get out my fake tan to apply for the week. My favorite is Bondi Sands in Dark. You can leave on for a little as one hour and it will develop the most naturally looking tan (or a dark golden tan if left for longer)
This tanner NEVER streaks, smells like coconut, and wears off absolutely beautifully not patchy
Can’t recommend highly enough


Not only am I pale, but I have absolutely NO time! I have been using the b.tan Gradual Tan.

I apply it with plastic gloves then blend with the mitt. I give it a quick blast with the hairdryer then I’m out the door. It gives a natural tan that’s not too deep and it allows you to walk out the door after 15 mins.

I’m a serious advocate of this stuff. It’s a real like saver.


I’m a big fan of the Tan-Luxe Gradual Tan as well.
The thing I dread about a lot of gradual tanners is how long they can take to dry, especially in winter when you don’t want to go to bed feeling slimy!
Tan-Luxe dries so quickly, no smell and I wake up with a noticeable, but very natural colour.


Sound like Tan-luxe has a lot of fans! I too hate that slimy feeling and also hate the stress that it may ruin my sheets. Have you had any rub off on your sheets @rebeccaambesi?


go running or jog around the neighbourhood, get some sunshine. eat healthy. perhaps more protein…