Is a heat protectant for my hair really necessary?

Is a heat protectant for my hair really necessary?


Guys, I am queen of the straightening iron. I can no longer leave the house after washing my hair without a quick straighten. In fact, I often joke that if I ever went on one of those shows like Survivor I would be booking in for a chemical straightening session before going on the show! :rofl:
In light of that… I do not use a heat protecting product and I’m wondering if this is something I should really try? Will it help stop split ends? My hair doesn’t dry out and is still lush and shiny despite being attached to my iron… I do get occasional breakage after straightening though. Will it help solve that problem and is there a product that’s better than others?


I have severe hair loss as a result of straightening. I wonder how u mange with it

#3 is it because the heat damage is causing breakage in your hair? Is your hair fine? I have fairly thick Asian hair so it still does well but I do get split ends after extended use.


Yes I have a fine hair (though I m an Asian). And if I don’t iron it , I feel I don’t look presentable. Feeling helpless!


I would definitely use a hair protectant, however I do have really thin and damaged hair (because I put so much heat on it :joy_cat: )

I am yet to find a spray that actually works AND doesn’t leave my hair all weird and crunchy. I’d love to hear some suggestions if anyone has found one that works well.


I don’t use straightening iron… :blush: It’s only because I can’t spend more time straightening my hair. :rofl: I only use shampoo and conditioner and don’t expose on too much heat. I also make sure to get regular hair trim to control split ends.


@cherylcequina if you saw me without my hair straightened you would run for the hills so I think it’s best for everyone I keep straightening haha. I have considered getting my hair chemically relaxed though to save myself the time and effort!


@christined that’d be a good idea. :smile: It will surely save your time and effort. Did you try it before? I did and it made me more confident knowing I had beautiful, straight hair. Haha. :blush:


@christined @cherylcequina A friend of mine does a regular chemical treatment and her hair looks AMAZING. I hear it is very expensive though.


@jackie_d wow! I think it really requires regular chemical treatment, like once a year, to maintain the straight hair. And you really have to apply more conditioner to keep it smooth. :slight_smile:


I definitely use a heat protectant, I love the smell and the texture it leaves in my hair. It also gives my hair a bit of shine. An added bonus is it’s a Liquid Keratin so heat actually helps it to smooth out frizz. So when I straighten, it looks extra glossy and healthy. I never use to use a heat protectant before and my hair started to slowly look worse year after year, now it’s become a must have for me. Think of a heat protectant the same way you thinl of an SPF sunscreen for your face. In the same way it will protect you from the damages caused by heat/UV rays. I use TGA Professional Liquid Keratin Leave In Treatment with Thermal Protection. So it’s a treatment and protectant. I’ve used it for about 6 months now, love the way my hair is smoother and healthier. I tried a few other brands before but nothing like this so I’ll stick to this one. As you get older, your hair can lose its shine. If it hasn’t happened yet then your lucky. I’m in my mid 30’s so it’s about time I started taking care of my hair.


Thanks @melissaD I’ll check it out! Also - I love your set-up there with the glam dressing room style bulbs around the mirror. Is that your home set-up? :heart_eyes:


Yes @christined, that’s the Lumiere Hollywood makeup table by Glamour Makeup Mirrors. It’s my favourite thing in the house haha. But it’s a but dirty. It has a glass table top so you can see your makeup collection in the draws. But the glass is always getting dirty from makeup :grin::joy: definitely try a leave in treatment that has a heat protectant built in. That way you’ll be protecting your hair whilst styling - bonus :grin:


Hello Christine @christined

Please avoid chemically straightening your hair if possible. i did that for a few years, i had to have it done 4-6 times a year to maintain as my hair grew quite quick and than multiple treatments in between. it was extremely expensive $450 every time not including the products to maintain it and also it grew out so quick and when it did the roots looked terrible so you can’t leave it for long. It took me 2.5 years to grow it out completely and in the end i cut off a fair bit of hair to get rid of it. I found the cost was not worth the ‘time saved’. Also once you learn to embrace your hair and find the right products it will look fantastic. I have super curly hair that is prone to frizz as well but i often leave it out now and just work it. I think having the confidence to pull it off is very important also.


@jananallouche thanks for the feedback! That’s useful to hear. I’m not rushing out to chemically straighten anyway so I’m happy to leave that. It sounds EXPENSIVE! I still can’t live without my hair straightener though so might just have to start investing in a heat protectant.


@jananallouche high five from one curly to another.


Heat Protectants do work. I always advise my clients to try some protectant on the back of their hand then apply the dryer to it. Then try the dryer on the other hand without the protectant on, and see the difference.
Applying heat to weat hair does the most damage hence why its vital we protect it from the beginning :slight_smile:


Hi Melissa, I did a quick google search for TGA but can’t find their hair products anywhere online…do you mind sharing where you purchase from please?
Many thanks!


Oh what a great tip!