Is getting rid of blackheads a myth? I feel like I've tried everything!

Is getting rid of blackheads a myth? I feel like I've tried everything!


Is getting rid of blackheads a myth? I feel like I’ve tried everything!
I have used multiples masks, scrubs, cleansers, microdermabrasion (did help a bit) etc.
Has anyone found any miracles? Or do you feel like you’re in the same boat as me?
My main problem area is my nose.


I feel you on this topic @hayleyfulton. I kind of feel like this has been a lost cause for me too. Sometimes I feel like I do get rid of them very temporarily (like 24 hours!) but they always sneak back in. Nose for me also. I would love to hear of some miracle treatment too.


Me too re nose blackheads.


Q switched laser melts blackheads straight away. I get it done at a Clearskin clinic in Melbourne, it’s about $150 a treatment and also helps pigmentation and general tone


I used to have the same problem until a friend recommended using BHA, a chemical exfoliant. I use paula’s choice 2% BHA and I have fewer blackheads. Would highly recommend!


Do they come back again quickly though @helenmillar?


There are many methods for getting rid of blackheads, some are preventative, like checking your makeup and keeping it clean, as well as healthy eating and drinking plenty of water. But then, there are also many final masks and treatments that are available. Feel free to read about some of them here.


I have mature, post.oily/acne skin and I haven’t noticed the blackheads returning, but I can’t soeak for younger skin


You need to focus on reducing oil flow and shrinking the pores, you can’t “get rid of” blackheads because it’s just oil that has oxidised and you’ll always have oil. So the best you can do is to keep your skin clean with actives, and getting treatments/ products that focus on balancing the oil and shrinking the pores :slight_smile:


Hi Hayley!
Just saw your post and had to reply. I have struggled with blackheads on my nose and chin area for as long as I can remember. A massive game changer for me has been the Alpha-H Liquid Gold along with some other . It is seriously amazing! My blackheads are hardly even visible now and I can’t believe how much they have disappeared. It might seem a bit expensive but a little bit goes a long way…and it’s much cheaper than spending hundreds on facials! But if you are really struggling, getting extractions done by a facialist might be a great idea to do first - and then follow it up with regular use of the Liquid Gold. Good luck!


I mean obviously I haven’t seen your skin, but blackheads that are mostly around the nose sound a lot like
sebaceous filaments!

Often, people who find that they have blackheads on their nose tend to actually have sebaceous filaments. They’re normal! Pores on the nose tend to be a bit more visible than pores in areas where the skin is finer. Often you can squeeze these and find that they behave like blackheads… but they’re not blackheads :slight_smile:

Assuming they’re sebaceous filaments, I’ll tell you more.

Blackheads are different because blackheads are considered non-permanent, and can be extracted without returning. Though considered normal & basically permanent, you can still address sebaceous filaments, effectively reducing their size/prevalence!

As others have mentioned, best strategy here is to address the dead skin cells that are causing the visible imperfection*.

So - main rules for sebaceous filaments - don’t poke, you’ll irritate the area and they will definitely come back. Try oil cleansers to reduce the amount of oxidisation that can cause them to be more noticable. Keep using chemical exfoliants, as well as gentle physical exfoliants less regularly.

As above, AHAs are perfect for this.

For a more intensive treatment, something like Alpha-H Liquid Gold is perfect, like Emma suggested.

For sensitive skin types who want something more regular, I love The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% for gentle yet very effective exfoliating action.

With sebaceous filaments, the key is consistency - there’s not too many things you can do for instant action, but slowly over time you’ll notice improvements! It took me months but mine are a lot more reduced in visibility. I find smoothing primers also go a long way, Benefit’s Porefessional is a brilliant one!

*…I say imperfection from the point of view that most people don’t tend to like their sebaceous filaments, but I do not intend to imply they’re not normal, or healthy. They’re totally fine, but they can be reduced so why not :slight_smile:


Shameless double post but I’ll reiterate - if you have tried everything, they’re probably sebaceous filaments!

This is why professionals will usually never recommend nose pore strips - while they may be satisfying, more than likely you’re pulling away at something that is intended to be there, which can in turn cause irritation and indeed, cause the exact blemishes you’re trying to prevent! :slight_smile:


@hayleyfulton - I highly recommend NeoStrata Resurface Ultra Smoothing Cream for getting rid of blackheads on your nose. I would say I noticed the results within about two weeks. Clean pores = yay!

Just make sure you wear sunscreen when you’re going out though!


Ooh this is so great to read @linhhong! I keep meaning to try NeoStrata. Is this the 10% AHA one? Have you by any chance ever used Alpha-H Liquid Gold? I’m curious to compare the two.


Hi @christined - yes, this is the 10% AHA one! I found it was too much applying it all over my face twice daily so unless you regularly use products with AHAs in them, I would gradually increase usage. Otherwise you can just use it as a spot treatment in areas where your pores are an issue (eg. nose, chin).

I have used Alpha-H Liquid Gold but I got a little lazy with it. I still have an almost full bottle at home. I should probably start using it again. From the few times I used it, I didn’t really notice a major difference but I don’t think I’m an accurate judge of whether it works or not as I haven’t used it for long enough. I’ll have to get back to you!

I suppose I can’t really compare the two - one is more like a toner and the other is a moisturiser. Also, I was applying moisturiser after the Liquid Gold so I don’t know if that stopped the AHAs from doing their magic :thinking: