Is This Product Rivalling Olaplex?

Is This Product Rivalling Olaplex?


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Before Olaplex, most of us with damaged, colour-treated hair had just accepted that we were going to have to live with the breakage, split ends, dryness and frizz.

But now, even going from dark brunette to platinum blonde in one sitting is achievable without all your hair falling out (just ask Kim Kardashian).

Maintenance of your hair is equally as important if you want to keep it in good condition - hence why Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment is so popular - but there’s a new product on the horizon that might just rival your favourite treatment.


What Is BlondPro?

Much like Olaplex, BlondPro is a salon professional 3-step system that allows hair stylists to achieve greater results when colouring the hair, whilst maintaining the integrity & condition of the hair during and afterwards. I'm going to tell you about BlondPro 'C' Care, which is your equivalent to Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment.
  • BlondPro ‘C’ maintains the strength of the hair post-colouring

  • Prevents further damage inflicted on the hair (eg. from heat styling)

  • Actively assists in the external re-bonding of the hair shaft

  • The whole 3-step process leaves hair structurally up to 7 times stronger

  • Helps to reform the bonds between hair proteins for healthier hair

  • Using BlondPro can extend the longevity of your colour

  • Helps repair damaged hair, leaving it softer, smoother & shinier

  • Can be used on coloured, bleached & keratin-treated hair

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What You Need To Know:

- BlondPro 'C' Care isn't just for blondes (I have dark brown hair & I use it!)
  • It works wonders particularly on damaged, colour-treated hair types

  • It drastically improves the texture and appearance of the hair

  • You don’t need to complete the in-salon steps to use ‘C’ Care

  • You’ll still achieve great results from using the ‘C’ Care alone

  • It’s priced at under $30!

How To Use:

Shampoo your hair and apply 'C' Care to damp hair from the roots to ends, ensuring all strands are coated. This treatment works in just 5 minutes, so you can rinse and condition as normal afterwards. It's recommended to use BlondPro 'C' once a week to maintain your results, however if you have less damaged hair, once a month will revive it back to its former glory.  

Which One Is Better?

If you're still questioning which treatment is right for your hair, let's put it simply...

BlondPro ‘C’ Care is excellent for:

  • intensely conditioning dry hair

  • repairing minor damage

  • reducing frizz and improving the hair’s texture overall

Gauging from what our customers are reporting back, I’d say Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment is the way to go for:

  • severely damaged hair suffering from extensive breakage

  • serious chemical damage

  • strengthening and recovering depleted locks


What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ My hair's new BFF - Elle

"I'm converted. It's official. Originally I was a sceptic and didn't really think it could make that much of a difference on my dry, damaged hair, but boy was I wrong. After just one use, my hair felt softer and less frizzy. I usually can't brush my hair in between washes as I fear breakage and frizz, but this treatment has definitely helped that after a few uses. It's easy to use in the shower, the only challenge I had was getting the actual product out of the bottle, that was a little difficult. Other than that, I have really enjoyed using this product and seeing the wonderful results it's having on my hair."

★★★★★ Hardcore conditioning treatment - Vanessa

"I've been using Blondpro for a few weeks now and noticed a change in the condition of my hair. My hair is chemically damaged, and I try not to use heat on it often - however, avoiding heat and using an average conditioner isn't enough to repair my hair. After shampooing, I apply the C Care to my roots and then brush it (with my fingers) through to the ends, then I leave it for about 5-10 minutes then rinse. My hair feels like butter and the product glides through my hair - removing all knots. Since using this product my hair has more strength and is less prone to breakage. People have been commenting on how nice my hair smells and I believe it's because of this particular conditioner."

★★★★★ I'm a convert! - Mickey

"I am always looking for treatments for damaged/weak hair to use since I had major breakage 2 years ago. I have tried many products to help recover my brittle, blonde processed hair. I am an Olaplex user, however after trying BlondePro - I am converted! Mainly because it is a lot faster to use - minimum 5 minutes after shampooing (can leave 30 minutes or even overnight) and it is more conditioning. I also like nice smelling products and this smells amazing! Olaplex is probably better for hardcore strengthening, however if you're looking for a bit of repair and conditioning - this is a great, fast-working product."

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