It's Organic, Multi-Purpose & Celebrities Are Obsessed…

It's Organic, Multi-Purpose & Celebrities Are Obsessed…


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Being a fan of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap myself, it doesn’t surprise me that some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon too.

But I don’t just expect to win you over with celeb status. I know once I tell you more about this product, it’s going to be a staple in your bathroom cabinet, laundry, shower, cleaning cupboard, the list goes on!

Why You'll Love Dr. Bronner's:

- Safe, natural & gentle enough for all skin types
  • Has over 18 uses (this is my all-time fave multi-purpose product)

  • Every soap is formulated with certified fair trade & organic oils

  • Completely vegan, biodegradable & entirely vegetable-based

  • Nourishing formula of extra-virgin coconut, olive, jojoba & hemp oils

  • The Castile Liquid Soap Collection has over 10 scents available

  • There are three sizes available: 945ml, 473ml and 237ml

  • The largest size (945ml) costs less that $35!

Pick your favourite scent here

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What Can It Be Used For?

The possibilities really are endless, so if you’re looking to introduce a non-toxic product into your home - this is it. I won’t go through every single use, but this is what I recommend using Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap for:

  • Face cleanser, body wash & shampoo

  • Makeup brush cleaner & sanitiser

  • Floor cleaner & general household cleaner

  • Laundry detergent (great for those with sensitive skin/allergies)

  • Bubble bath or bath soak

  • Baby wash & animal wash (yes, it’s that gentle)

  • As a shaving gel for legs, face, wherever!

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How To Use:

To use as a skincare product, like a cleanser or body wash, you'll only need 2-5 drops of soap to lather up and do the job. For other purposes, you may need to dilute the product.

Floor cleaner: Add about 10 drops of soap to your mop bucket of hot water

Washing detergent: Add approximately 1/3 cup of soap to your load of washing

All-purpose cleaner: Add about 1/4 cup to a spray bottle of water

For more information on diluting your soap for different purposes, click here

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Which Celebrities Are Using It?

Gwyneth Paltrow:

“An all-around good soap for the shower, Dr. Bronner’s has been around since the 70’s and is organic and fair trade. The claim is that the pure castile liquid soaps can be used even as shampoo, and as toothpaste but I stop at body soap for the shower. The lavender is great for a relaxing end of day bath.”

Kristen Bell:

“These soaps can be used for anything. The peppermint is nice for a foot soak at the end of the day.”

Natalie Portman:

“I like these fair-trade liquid all-over body soaps. This lavender is a good one.”

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What Are Our Customers Saying?

★★★★★ So versatile! - Alyssa

"An absolute must have! So many uses for this and it is nice and gentle on the skin :) I use it mainly for washing my makeup brushes and using it as a hand wash."

★★★★★ Wonderful all-purpose cleanser - Alicia

"I read some forums and many people recommended it for cleaning makeup brushes, and I have found they were absolutely spot on. This liquid soap works amazingly for cleaning brushes as there aren't any harsh chemicals. I use it specifically for cleaning my Clarisonic brush head and I find it leaves my brush looking brand new each time. I definitely recommend this to everyone, it is simple to use and super affordable."

★★★★★ Best multi-purpose cleaner EVER! - Shanthi

"I use this soap for everything under the sun. First of all, Tea Tree is my favourite cleanser for acne prone skin. Because it contains oils like coconut oil, it doesn't strip your skin and actually leaves it feeling hydrated, not greasy at all. Then, I add a capful to my washing when I do my sheets and towels, it makes everything super soft and the scent is clean and fresh. I combine this in a spray bottle with water and also use it as a general household cleaner. The list goes on! I cannot fault this product at all, I've actually just placed another order."

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