Kevin Murphy vs Terax

Kevin Murphy vs Terax


I created a new topic not long ago in my search for what will hopefully become my holy grail of hair care, but have just read some really, really great reviews for the Terax range which I’d never heard of.

For the past 12 months my hair has been bleached and then coloured various rainbow colours, but with daily swimming killing my pastels I’ve gone brunette with highlights in a bid to get my hair healthy and beautiful again.

I was considering Kerastase (but the price was a little high for my budget), Joico K-Pak, Nak and Kevin Murphy and of those my hairdresser recommended Kevin Murphy. So I’ve been reading through the many KM posts in this forum to learn more, and this is when I stumbled across Terax.

So… does anyone have any feedback for Terax; or prefer one of these products over the other (KM/Terax) for damaged, thirsty hair? Oh - the fact that some described a Kevin Murphy product as smelling like vanilla cake, or marshmallow definitely makes it sound beautiful!! I love a delish smelling shampoo/conditioner - and definitely don’t love overly fruity smelling products.


Oooh great topic! I’m not the best person to help you out because I don’t dye my hair and hair has never really been my forte, however I have tried both Terax and the KM ranges.

Kevin Murphy Angel range smells exactly like musk sticks! Meanwhile, Terax smells a bit more vanillary/cream-cakey if that makes sense.

For my hair, I preferred Terax as it was slightly less rich though still extremely nourishing - I found KM to be too rich for extended use (though obviously, grain of salt as I don’t have similar hair needs to you).

I think Terax is great value, and if you’re tempted to try em both I’d probably start with Terax, as I’ve heard many rave reviews from people with your hair type and it was my personal favourite (plus, again, it’s good value! You don’t need to use much).


Hi @Shannon_Staff - you’re my lifesaver every time I have a question!!! I was hoping one would smell more appealing then the other, but two of my fave scents are vanilla, and musk!!! I have so many pages open right now reading endless reviews for both, and both are just wonderful!! Thank you so much for your feedback and advice.


@Shannon_Staff did you use the shampoo also? I’ve just read a few reviews saying the conditioners are amazing, but the shampoo is terrible and left the hair feeling so much worse! Unsure if they were legit reviews or not, and what you thought of the shampoo?


Ahaha :smiley: my pleasure!

I tried the Terax shampoo and my overall feeling is that it’s ok, but I don’t think it works that great in conjunction with the conditioner. They re-formulated not that long ago and I’m not sold that they’ve got it right yet, used to be that they had one type of conditioner and a few kinds of shampoo (I think it was Collagen, Latte and Honey I think?) , now there’s only the one. I’ve only tried a sample sachet of that shampoo and it didn’t knock my socks off to be honest.

I’m pretty pick and choose when it comes to haircare, I don’t tend to like using matching shampoo and conditioner - no particular reason, I’m just one to change things up frequently.

The Terax one seemed less hydrating than I would expect, which could work if you don’t want anything rich for a shampoo. KM on the other hand did seem more hydrating, which isn’t what my hair needs - I prefer something that feels ‘clean’ if that makes sense. I’m thinking out loud here in hopes that some of these ideas can help - I think my hair needs & preferences might not be the same as yours!

Have you tried O&M before? They’re another good choice if you like yummy smelling, hydrating haircare :slight_smile: theirs smells exactly like candy milk bottles.


I read rave reviews about the Terax latte shampoo, but obviously they were older reviews. I haven’t tried O&M, and will definitely keep it in mind for future reference. In the end I asked my hairdresser which one she recommend I use and she chose Kevin Murphy, so I went with the “Repair Me” range to start with. Plus, I get a leave in treatment with it as well, so added bonus! Hopefully it works like magic and I can finally give up the search. :wink: