Korean Beauty Products

Korean Beauty Products


Has anyone used any awesome Korean beauty and skin care products? I know they have a reputation for great skin care but I’ve never actually tried any. Would love to hear your experiences and recommendations. :heart_eyes:


This is a subject close to my heart @christined. I love the Missha Time Revolution Night Repair, su:m37 Miracle rose cleansing stick, Banilaco’s zero cleansing balm (this is the one with the green lid and doesn’t have mineral oil in it) and is fantastic for sensitive skins. Laneige Perfect Renew skin refiner - layer this on 3 - 5 times as an abbreviated ‘7 skin’ technique and you almost don’t need moisturiser. Innisfree have some great masks and lots of their makeup is gorgeous too. Any eyebrow and mascara they do - they are serious about brows and lashes there. Missha cushion compacts. Tony moly hand creams in the sweetest little animal pots you’ve ever seen.


I suffer from acne for years now. I have been trying different products over the counter but nothing works. My skin is very sensitive that I got breakouts everytime I use a foundation.

Tretinoin oil helped me for some time but is too strong making my pores more noticeable.

Luckily I’ve found Korean skin product that has helped me achieved healthy skin. I still have a couple of pimples during my period but they don’t last for a week any longer.


That’s awesome @maxinewilliams . Which Korean products/brands in particular have been helping you?