Laser for freckle removal?

Laser for freckle removal?


Has anyone had laser or another procedure to remove unwanted freckles/pigmentation? How many treatments are needed to achieve clear skin? and is anyone able to give me a rough indication of cost? Thanks :blush:


@emmahussey Hi Emma! I’d definitely suggesting heading over to Australian Skin Clinics and having a look. I’ve had laser for pigmentation and freckles and the results were amazing! The cost/ how many treatments will depend on your skin. They offer free skin consultations so a dermal technician will sit down and look at your skin and discuss possible treatments :slight_smile: Best decision ever. Hope this helps!


@eviesskin how did your pigmentation go with this? Is the laser painful? Any side effects?


@christined great! Using a combo of the treatments and the brightening products I saw amazing results. And had no side effects, there are contraindications of course and you must be careful with your skin post treatment and follow the post care homecare and recommendations.