Lash growth serums

Lash growth serums


I’m really curious to know if anyone has ever tried any lash growth serums that work?
If I’m honest with myself I’d probably end up being too lazy to keep up the routine of using them but if there was a product that really worked wonders I could probably be swayed to use it regularly to see worthwhile results!


@christined u can use BABE LASH EYELASH SERUM. will definitely see a difference in two weeks.


Thanks @vishnupriya! have you tried this yourself and had success?


I have been using physicians formula lash serum for the past twk years and I like it. I was using it only on my outer lashes but they got ridiculously long compared to the rest so now I use it on my entire lash line. Its an eyeliner and serum and cheap compared to some


Wow so it really worked @janinewalda?! I’m always so skeptical about them or feel like it won’t be very noticeable if it actually does work. Does it come in the form of a felt tip pen or is it like a mascara wand? AND does it sting if you accidentally get it in your eyes? I once used one that my Mum bought me but kept accidentally getting it in my eye and it stung like mad!


Its a felt tip pen, comes in either ultra fine or texta type bullet tip…
the salon i go to sells a serum thats $120 but I get my physicians formula
for $30 … ive never gotten in my eye so cant respond on the sting factor
but I am certainly a fan. Im a firm believer that beauty doesn’t have to be


Without a doubt - Eyenvy . Truely amazed at the results, my lash length and volume pretty much doubled. Couldn’t believe it! I get your point on routine - but use this in the morning, allow to dry before applying eyemake-up and within 8 weeks you will see some serious growth. Once you get to your desired result, you use it a few times a week to keep up the condition. My friend who is over 50 also uses it on her lashes and eyebrows. Her lashes are full and longer and her brows aren’t thin anymore. Results are beautiful!
Unfortunately you can’t buy online but I headed to a stockist - and the lovely lady will help you with your enquiry and possible purchase!


I work in a salon and we sell a Product called EyEnvy a big chunk of our clients use it and we have seen dramatic results in our clients lashes and even Eyebrows, including my boss, co workers, even myself, Probably our best selling retail product in salon :heart_eyes: Grows your lashes Longer, Thicker, Stronger and Darker, results are usually noticed in the first 4 - 6 weeks use. Can definitely range in more on the expensive side like most growing serums however worth it, We now have clients buying the product, growing their lashes then having them Permed/Lifted & Tinted over getting Eyelash Extentions, Less upkeep & care also results last longer! :ok_hand:t2: