Lashes , lashes , lashes

Lashes , lashes , lashes


What’s your favourite lash? What’s the name of your lashes and why do you even wear false lashes ?

For me, I struggle with my naturally short lashes so I wear falsies whether it be strips or individuals bcoz I need that fuller look and volume and appear that I even have eyelashes :grin::blush: my favourite and newest editions to my lash collection are the smoke bomb double layered lashes by model rock :heart:️:rose:


I’ve actually previously bought falsies from Daiso @azilinasinclair. They have such a huge range! I’ve used the little individual tufts which have sort of 2-3 lashes per “tuft” and you attack a few to your lashes with glue. That said I haven’t used them in a long time…
I now opt for extensions if I have an event or am travelling and just feel like I want longer lashes for a while. I love them but they can get annoying after a couple of weeks when they get all twisted and start falling out.


Thankyou for sharing your lash story with me :heart:


I am obsessed with the glam range by manicare. They are so affordable and they look so pretty on. My personal favourites are Adriana and Alessandra (they are named after models and celebrities) they cost around $12 each and I get probably 10+ wears out of each pair.