Latest Nail Polish Purchase

Latest Nail Polish Purchase


That looks beautiful!


Rimmel 60 second in Instyle Coral.


Not a purchase but a gift from a lovely friend - Butter London MacBeth. It is LOVE!!


I bought OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy but I’m not impressed tbh. :shakehead: Sheer pinks/nudes and I do not mix.


[QUOTE=Vanillaheart;440287]I bought OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy but I’m not impressed tbh. :shakehead: Sheer pinks/nudes and I do not mix.[/QUOTE]

Oh shame.I was looking at that one actually,is it very opaque on?


No, it’s sheer and quite streaky unless you absolutely load it on. I wanted something to give me “mannequin hands” (ie a skin-toned nail polish) but it just looks ugly and really makes my cuticles look bad for some reason. I’m thinking I’d like that Chanel one, I think it’s called Inattendu or something?


Bugger.Crossing that one off the list.

I still haven’t tried any Chanel ones:whistle:


[QUOTE=BeachPrincess;440244]Nice one. I haven’t been able to find it yet but I’ll keep searching! The name is adorable.[/QUOTE]

We can order it in if you like :waving:


Latest Nail Polish Purchase

Ooh yes please!!


Revlon mini in Gold Get 'Em. Perfect for the festive season! :heartbeat: :Xmascheers:


Today I picked up OPI Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection!:elephant::clapping:


Ulta 3 Earl Grey. Why did i wait so long to get this one? I adore it!:worship:


I just bought the Dior French Manicure Kit - it cost me $70.00 so i hope its better than the cheapy stuff i normally get. I will soon see if its better quality or if it lasts longer.


Latest Nail Polish Purchase

I got OPI black shatter and the Barry M version too. Xxx


I got Chanel Black Pearl for my birthday, which I’m super happy and excited about, and I believe my boyfriend has conspired and I may have one exceptionally beautiful Adorable to thank for it. :heartbeat: :whistling:



I want to see pics of it stat!


OPI Miami Beet. :heartbeat:


Chanel - Kaleidoscope on fingers
butter LONDON - Keeker on toes


Bought 5 new Ulta 3 nail polishes today.

Sweet violet (to replace one i bought a couple of years ago, that’s gone gluggy, absolutely love this one)
Another Non chip topcoat
Pearly grape
Twilight Fever
Midnight Fever

Which one to put on tonight? How exciting, lol.


Have you used these before? What are they like? I spied them in the chemist the other day for around $2ea. I got the Lily White to try doing a french manicure with. I liked Pearly Grape also but didn’t get it.