Latest Nail Polish Purchase

Latest Nail Polish Purchase


Today I bought 20 N.Y.C. nailpolishes - blame it on Big W, they were at the self serve check outs and I couldn’t help myself. Also bought 4 Ulta3 nailpolishes at a pharmacy. They’re so affordable, so didn’t spend too much :slight_smile:


Which Ulta 3’s did you get Ms Helena?
Today i bought Ulta 3 Mermaid Green and Blue Marlin. These are from the latest collection. Was also after Orchid but couldn’t find it.


CindiLou, I also bought Mermaid Green today! And tahitian lime, purple pumps and orchid :slight_smile:


I have Purple Pumps also. Very nice one.


I bought a Natio polish in Peachy Pastel. However I am really coveting a Chanel one in Orange Fizz (or something like that).


I have that Natio one, Sapphy. It’s nice. I have ALWAYS wanted the limited edition Chanel polishes - Black Pearl, Peridot, Orange Fizz, Mimosa, Green Jade, etc. etc.


Latest Nail Polish Purchase

I’ve never bought a Chanel polish actually. I would have bought one yesterday, plus one of those new cream eye pots, but the staff were with other women so I left.


Nup, me either.


I never had until I went to the UK where they were the equivalent of 26 aussie dollars. $40 is a bit of a joke imo.


Never bought Chanel nail polish either. Costs a bit too much for a tiny little bottle IMO. Are they good?


They’re lovely.


picked up a couple of OPI going for half price at a local place-Melon of Troy and OPI on Collins Ave.


Whooo! :koala:


Ulta 3 Orchid. Found it finally!


Yayy CindiLou! I still haven’t found blue marlin :frowning:


I love Blue Marlin. It’s my favourite from the latest release colours.


Seems lovely from the swatches I’ve seen. Fingers crossed I find it. Is it made in Australia or PRC?


PRC sadly.


Not all today, but over the past couple of weeks I’ve purchased…
OPI - Up Front & Personal
OPI - Barefoot in Barcelona
Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish - Apricot Punch


I bought 3 Kleancolor polishes yesterday: neon fuschia, starry meteor and starry blue. They look really lovely, but haven’t tried them yet…