Latest Nail Polish Purchase

Latest Nail Polish Purchase


Navy shatter OPI


Can someone please help me with choosing a red nail polish? I haven’t worn any in years - I’ve generally gone for berry colours more than red. I want a true red that will be flattering on pale skin - no shimmer or anything though.


I like Essie Dramatic Drachmas (I think that’s the spelling). It’s a cool almost bordering on hot pink red, but definitley still red. It’s beautiful.


Hmm I’m struggling to find a good swatch pic of it! Funny they describe it as an orangey-red - but the pics I have seen def look more red red (which I prefer!). Might have to go suss it out in person :detective:


Yeah, the googmages look like an orange red, but looking at it in front of me it’s a blue red! So odd.


And the description says orange undertones?! Weird. However I’m glad you saw this request as I trust your recs being a fellow pale-skinned!


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Colour in Purple Potion. Freaky psychedelic purple! :slight_smile:


So I now have a bunch of mini OPIs from my VIP Adorder. Gorgeous colours. My only gripe with mini OPIs is that they don’t have the shade name label at the bottom (unlike mini Essie).


Yeah, I have no idea why they don’t put the names on. Seems silly.

I bought Essie Sugar Daddy today, I went in to get spaghetti strap but when I saw it painted it wasn’t quite what I thought it was and Sugar Daddy was closer so I got that instead.



I sat at dinner with friends on Wednesday and had my hands under the table just picking at my nails… I went home and cut and filed them to make up for the mess I’d made, but my nails are now SO short and gross. Not going to to pretty for Christmas… awwwww. Haha :wink:


Hi Adorables. I’m looking for a navy blue cream polish. Any recs? :waving:


Sorry, don’t know of any navys!

I bought Essie Fiji at the sales yesterday.


I recently bought a Revlon polish which looks sapphire blue in the bottle but goes on navy with two coats. It’s a beautiful creme too. I like it because it’s distinctly blue and not blackish. I can’t remember the name though… :chuckle: I will have to look when I go upstairs and get back to you!


sorry Happy,the only navy I’ve tried is Essie Midnight Cami but that’s shimmery.

recently picked up OPI Affair in Red Square,nice.


Naomi Watts is wearing a navy polish on her shoot for the latest Aus Harper’s Bazaar… I’ll look it up.


[QUOTE=happy2be;458220]Hi Adorables. I’m looking for a navy blue cream polish. Any recs? :waving:[/QUOTE]

I’m currently wearing OPI Light My Sapphire. On the OPI web site it looks kind of grey. But in real life it’s more of a navy blue colour.


I found pics of China Glaze Calypso Blue. Pretty much what I’m looking for. But I’m open to other recs as well. Thanks ladies!


[QUOTE=happy2be;458220]Hi Adorables. I’m looking for a navy blue cream polish. Any recs? :waving:[/QUOTE]

NYC have one called Midnight. It’s a very dark navy creme.


Recently ordered Essie Wicked,Essie Smokin’ Hot and Orly Nite Owl.


Finally ordered ‘Perceval’ and ‘Tristam’ from A-England.Soooooo excited to get these:wookie: