Lip Exfoliators

Lip Exfoliators


So as of late, since winter’s set in, my lips have been getting dry and flakey despite regular lip balm application. I’m usually not too fussed with this but it’s not making for a good combo when I then apply my beloved liquid matte lipsticks and have matte dry flakey bits on my lips. Eek!!
Any suggestions for exfoliating lips? Or is it just a matter of more lip balming to keep the dry away?


How awful are winter lips!? I quite like Jane Iredale’s Sugar and Butter.

It’s a grainy-sugary lipsticky formulation at one end (put on like lipstick and gently rub for a minute and wipe off) and a glossy tingly lipgloss at the other end that adds a bit of colour and plumps up the lips a tad.


Thanks @tresnalee will have to check out. Never tried Jane Iredale products but they keep popping up and I think I need to try them.