Lip Treatments

Lip Treatments


This may be a strange one, but everytime I get dry lips and pop on any sort of lip balms I end up getting small pimples around my mouth!
Drives me insane! Dry lips vs Pimples. Does anyone have any oil free or light weight lip treatments they can suggest for me?


Hi Annette, have you tried Antipodes Kiwi seed lip balm? They are amazing!


I use paw paw ointment every night. It’s so soothing and effective.


@mariaadidjaja no I havent! I can see some great reviews on that one! I will add that into my wishlist for next order. Thank you


oh that’s annoying! I wonder what it is that causes that? If we could figure out the ingredient then you could just avoid it.

Lanolips 101 Ointment is my personal all time fave and it’s just pure lanolin. So that might be worth a try as most other lip balms are based on beeswax or mineral oil/petroleum jelly.

Other than that you could try Hurraw lip balms which are vegan (no beeswax).


@KateMorrisCEO so annoying! I have been using Chanel lipstick that has moisturizer in it, which doesn’t seem to cause them. But it isn’t very nourishing for my lips.
The Hurraw lip balm might do the trick being vegan. I might need to give that a try too. Thank you!


@annettebisinella I second @Katemorrisceo on the Lanolips front! She recommended it to me as well. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and it’s amazing!!


I have used a lanolin lip treatment before and still unfortunately had pimples pop up around my lips. Although the product feels great! I am trying to avoid that break out.


Pimples around the mouth and lips are so annoying, you can never squeeze them. I use Elizabeth Ardem 8 hour lip balm and that is nice


Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm, try this lip balm , i promise it will never let your lip dry.