Liquid Eyeliner Tricks and Tips

Liquid Eyeliner Tricks and Tips


I recently got a hold of the 3INA liquid eyeliner. I’ve always used pencil eyeliner and boy do I suck at using liquid. Anyone got any tips for perfecting the liquid line and flicks etc? I love the look Adele usually has… Should I be drawing an outline first and then colouring in?


@christined, Even I use liquid eyeliner and i never found it as difficult. I always start from the middle and draw the line towards both the ends. And yes draw the outline first and color the inner part of the line to get the perfect shape.


Thanks so much @vaishaliyadav!


Practise definitely makes perfect. And for a perfect flick on the right angle for your eye shape, get some sticky tape and apply it at the right angle and use it as your guide. Once you peel it off it’s so neat and precise.


Genius @karliethone! I’ll definitely give this a try. Thanks. x