Liquid Gold, The Ordinary & Skinstitut

Liquid Gold, The Ordinary & Skinstitut


I’m currently, researching, researching and researching some more - and the more confused it’s making me! I’m currently using Skinstitut products on my combo, prone to breakouts and starting to show a few signs of aging skin but have become intrigued by The Ordinary products due to price and rave reviews (and the amazing advice from Shannon_Staff). But now I’ve started reading about the amazing results people have had from Liquid Gold and am even more confused!

I’d love to hear any feedback, good or bad on these products - or if you’ve found your holy grail amongst them.


I am an AlphaH junkie, and the Liquid gold range has done wonders for me!
Best place I learnt about how to use these products is on TVSN. I looked up the guide as to when the owner of AlphaH was on, and watched the segment.
I wrote down all the products that suited me and results I wanted, then bought them from Adore because the prices are cheaper, free postage and you get freebies and samples.
Sometimes TVSN does special packs which can save you alot.

So I can swear by the fact that AlphaH does work.

The Ordinary are very similar products for cheaper price, They contain AHAs as well. But also have strong line of retinoid and retinol products. Which from what I have heard accelerate the results.
Worth a try for the price.


Thank you for the help! I’ve bought my first product from The Ordinary, so will give a few others a try (once they’re back in stock), and see how I go. If they do wonders for my skin at their amazing pricepoint, then I’ll be thrilled.


If you’re interested in Liquid Gold but you’re put off by the price point, The Ordinary does a Glycolic 7% which is a bit more lighter on the exfoliation but will still give very similar results! If that was working for you, you could then invest in the Liquid Gold :slight_smile:

… or! If you generally prefer something more hydrating I ABSOLUTELY love the Liquid Gold Rose, it is less exfoliating than both The Ordinary’s equivalent and the Liquid Gold original, but it’s much more hydrating and is all-round more pleasant to use in my opinion. Though it’s still new, so it’s full price, and I can see why you may want to dip your toes in at a lower price point :slight_smile:

I personally prefer Alpha-H’s cleansers to Skinstitut’s, though this is because I like my cleansers to be as gentle as possible - plus it makes it easier for me to work out how many actives I’ve got on my face if I skip using them in my cleansers, ha!

Alpha-H Products

You’re the best @Shannon_Staff!! I’m going to try the Ordinary products first purely based on the endless amazing reviews, and the price point - so much better if I can get great results for less $$$ If needed after that, I’ll give the Liquid Gold Rose a go.
Any idea when the Ordinary will be back in stock? I have so many in my wishlist that are all unavailable :frowning:


I did some chasing for you and a few reports, chats and phone call later I’ve heard that it’s a nation-wide problem - everyone is trying to get their hands on The Ordinary right now, and it sounds a lot like no one could have forecasted just how well it’s doing!

We have stock landing on our shelves next week so if you want to get in, I’d highly recommend being on the waitlist so that you’re notified as soon as stock is here - unfortunately for the majority of their products, this is your best chance to get in right now. Even staff members need to get in line at this stage :laughing: :cry:


You’re so helpful @Shannon_Staff, how did I manage without you!!


I agree Kylie! Because of some of the chats on this community I am going to try and switch the comparative products to The Ordinary. Try and save myself a little bit of money. So I am with you there!

I have a pretty big stock pile of liquid gold though because of all the freebies I kept getting in promos a while back. So I guess in a way I have saved alot there! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Who doesn’t love freebies!!!


Barely any time passed after your message @Shannon_Staff when I got an email that a couple of items were available so I’ve just placed an order for the buffet, the natural moisturising factors and the silicone primer. :raised_hands:t3::grin: