Looking for a natural (enviro friendly & skin friendly) daily moisturiser

Looking for a natural (enviro friendly & skin friendly) daily moisturiser


Hi there
I’m looking for a natural (enviro friendly & skin friendly) daily moisturiser… I’ve been using the Aesop camellia nut for a couple of years and I do love it, but I’m starting to get all carbon-foot-print/save-the-forest-for-the-kids in my older age (34 is older age, right?!) and I’m really at a loss about what’s good. I tried the Sukin brand, but it’s just not as good quality as the aesop. I’d love to hear any suggestions!


I know coconut oil is good and you can use it as a moisturizer. I don’t know about applying it in the morning (if your going somewhere and use makeup) but at night, before bed time. It is really good and inexpensive.
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You can try almond oil. It’s a great moisturiser and leaves your face soft. I’ve noticed that it helps reduce black heads and white heads too for me. I’m not familiar with any brand that’s natural/enviro-friendly as most of them are chemically formulated but this almond oil is definitely worth giving a try :slight_smile:


If you are looking for natural, then use daily foundation cream that suit’s your skin tone.And you can also try Matte colour oflipstic.
It looks totally natural.


I use the Botani Balancing moisturiser and the Repair creme. The brand is vegan and cruelty free and made in Australia. I have oily skin but find both of these moisturisers to be really light weight and non greasy