Looking for advice on hyaluronic and alpha hydroxy acids

Looking for advice on hyaluronic and alpha hydroxy acids


I was told by a skin therapist that I need AHAs etc for my skin but I don’t know where to start. I also heard that the hyaluronic acid is great. Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Hey @melissabrauer! Welcome to the forum. I’ve been using AHAs for years and they’re amazing for resurfacing and smoothing out your skin while keeping it moisturised. My go to since my late teens has been Neo Strata’s Smoothing lotion however I hear Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a winner and it’s next on my list to try!

I only just got on the Hyaluronic Acid train a couple of months ago and haven’t turned back. My go to has been the Hylamide Low Molecular HA. I pop it on in the mornings before brushing on my mineral make-up. It keeps my skin looking plump and hydrated.


thanks this is awesome - I’ve also heard about the Ordinary which I am going to try. Is there a less expensive alternative to the Liquid Gold? Cheers


@melissabrauer I haven’t tried this but if you’re getting stuck into The Ordinary, their Lactic Acid looks like a winner on a budget for an AHA.


Liquid gold, is exactly that. Liquid gold! I also use Liquid Gold Moisturizer on my face in mornings too. So amazing! @melissabrauer


For someone new to AHAs and who also needs hydration, I’d recommend giving The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% a go, and combine it with their Hylaronic Acid.

Your routine would look like this:

Cleanse, use Hyaluronic Acid, then moisturise/spf as usual

Cleanse, use Lactic Acid 5% on alternating days, then Hylaronic Acid, then moisturise as usual.

Lactic Acid is a lovely AHA because it’s a larger molecule, and is much more gentle, and reduces the chance you’ll over-do it while your skin isn’t used to that kind of exfoliation :slight_smile:


Bonus that The Ordinary isn’t a big investment! But you’ll see results - I got one of the warehouse staff members onto these two products and her skin looks INCREDIBLE now :smiley:


Is the hypamide low molecular HA the same kind of thing as the ordinary hylauronic acid?
Thanks x


Hey @kendallshaw Yes both are Hyaluronic Acids and will basically do the same thing. HoweverThe Ordinary HA + B5 has 3 different Hyaluronic Acid technologies whilst Hylamide has 5 different Hyaluronic Acid technologies so I’m guessing that the Hylamide is able to work a little deeper perhaps?


Is there a less expensive alternative to the Liquid Gold? Cheers
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@ehsansdh it’s the AHA in the Liquid Gold which seems to make the most difference to your skin. If you can find another product that’s AHA based and cheaper it should help… although it may not be as good.


As @christined mentions the TO glycolic will have a similar effect to the Liquid Gold but you’ll need to use a moisturiser and/or facial oil over the top. Using glycolic by itself will not feel very comfortable on your skin. TO serums also shine as a ‘booster’ to your already existing products. So you could potentially add a couple of drops of your glycolic to your existing moisturiser a couple of nights a week. Liquid gold is a funny product in that it would be hard to mimic what it does. Have fun experimenting. Oh just a word of caution - you absolutely must use sunscreen everyday if you’re using acids in your skin.


I second this routine. I have just started using the 5% with great results already. Loving The Ordinary.