Looking for advice on skin care; I need a revamp!

Looking for advice on skin care; I need a revamp!
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Hello, I am looking for a revamp to my skin care regime, & would like some suggestions ... Ok, would :heartbeat: some suggestions ... I am 40, non-smoker; oily skin, but not as oily these days :redcheeks: I have the occasional hormonal outbreak, but I have a small amount of acne scarring on my cheeks; I use mainly L'Oreal products (convenient) for both day & night skin care. I have been looking at the skin care brand Philosophy & quite like the look of their products :o but with so much on offer it is difficult to know which products to choose / use & my regime is in definite need of a revamp / overhaul! Would you be able to suggest a new regime?


Please let me know if you would like any further recommendations to my email :slight_smile:


I was facing the same problem before few years. Acne used to give me a lot of trouble to be honest. I went to doctors and tried to get rid of these kinds of problems using meditation. But believe me nothing worked right for me on my oily skin. Getting suggestion of one of my friends, I tried to perform yoga therapy and natural remedies. I started to consume a lot of fresh foods every day and avoided sugar completely. I started to see the benefits by next 3 months. Try these and also consume sprouted seeds. I hope I could help you.


If you have had oily skin all your life you are probably lucky and don’t have too many wrinkles. As far as oily skin goes remember:

Many people think that oily skin needs to be dried out. My suggestion is to do your moisture regime at NIGHT when it doesn’t matter so much if your skin is shiny or not. The scarring on the cheeks can be dealt with by massaging a tissue oil into the skin, also at night. Try to find one that contains Vitamin E if you can.

Using a masque can help a lot. Especially one that you can leave on all night long. The masque will seal in the moisture that you apply at night and let the skin absorb it without leaving it on your pillow.

Keep us posted!


I would suggest Kalliste Organics Inc… Its a Organic/Cruelty-free company in Dobbs Ferry, New York. The owner is super friendly and makes everything herself. I would refer Kalliste to anyone wanting get rid of cellulite, wrinkles, acne, and stretch marks. The soap cleanses exfoliates your skin.