Make up advice for a beginner

Make up advice for a beginner


Hi all,

im new to make up. so if there is any advice you have ,that would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down to a binge session of listening to Lisa Eldridge’s dulcet tones on YT. I send everybody to watch her. She has tutorials for picking the right foundation right through to tutorials on glam makeup. For finding your skin tone head the Justine le Conte’s yt channel and find her tutorial on working out your skin tone - it’s the best one out there. Enjoy!


Hi @katrinaweatherhog welcome! Also, how awesome is your name! Do you have any particular looks that you’d like to work on? Natural day-time look or something more for special occasions and evenings?


OMG yes! Lisa Elridge’s voice is so soothing, and I really like her philosophy on skincare and foundation. Seeing her video on how to cover acne probably changed my life!


That was soooooo good wasn’t it? I have a lot of pigmentation on my cheeks and used thst philosophy on covering it. I should also recommend Sali Hughes’ book Pretty Honest. If you’re new to beauty or a bit of a nerd like me it has something for everyone.


Thanks, I’ll bookmark that one for later!