Makeup curse!

Makeup curse!


Hey Girlies, so I’ve recently started getting real bad dermatitis on my face and hands. Wondering if anyone’s got some do’s and don’ts? Creams or diet plans? I’ve heard dairy can be a real trigger…pls help xx


@angeliquebroughton I’m no expert but I am a bit of a natural therapies nerd. Skin problems like rosacea, eczema and psoriasis etc are usually a sign of a toxic/clogged up liver. Basically your liver doesn’t cope with churning through toxins so they have to exit through your skin instead et voila… rash time. I think dermatitis can either be caused by this as well or it can also be an allergic reaction to something you’ve touched or a makeup product. Do you know if you might be reacting to a cream or something that you use?

Failing that I’ve heard many stories about people curing chronic eczema and skin conditions by spending a few good months on an elimination diet (no gluten, sugar, dairy, coffee, booze… all the fun stuff sadly and eating lots of veggies and fibre, drinking tons of water with lemon etc). Have you heard of the documentary “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead”? It’s about a guy who had a chronic skin condition… he went on a juice fast and cured it which is a bit intense but you get my point.


Thanks for the recommendation of diet, my friend is facing the same trouble, so I can suggest her this. But makeup is equally bad for skin if you do not use natural things to remove the makeup and take care of the skin properly. What you have to say about regular makeup and still have a good skin?


@katebrownell I’m a big fan of toxin free make-up as much as possible!! I like to use Inika products which are often mostly organic. I’m not going to lie, I definitely have a few non-natural makeup products but I rarely use them… Just when I’m dressing up a little bit for a night out or certain meetings. I use a natural cleanser to remove my make-up in the shower and then use rose-hip oil to get rid of the tough to take off eye make-up after my shower.


Hey @angeliquebroughton, definitely recommend you see a dermatologist so they can help you try and get to the bottom of what’s causing it. Could be anything - diet, skincare products, environment, cleaning products… I even heard of rising damp in the house causing mildew that led to skin problems.

I do know a few people who’ve had success treating skin problems with gut-health supplements and probiotics. Have a look at The Beauty Chef, they use bio-fermented ingredients to put good bugs into your tummy: