Makeup for 45+

Makeup for 45+


Hi. I am 46 and haven’t worn makeup for over 20 years, unless it’s a special occasion. But I’m looking really haggard these days and would like to start wearing it again. What products do u suggest I start with?


Hi @Tj2000 welcome! you’ve come to the right place. I’m sure you’re not looking haggard haha! Might just throw a few questions your way to get an idea of what might work for you. Did you want to start with lighter makeup like some mascara and eyeliner or are you happy to try heavier things like bold lipsticks? And do you like natural/organic brands or does it not really bother you?


Hi Christine. I’m not overly bothered by brand but I have fairly sensitive skin when it comes to fragrances in products.
I’m thinking some kind of base & mascara would be good to start with. I have a classic combination skin - oily t zone and dry cheeks. Not keen on anything too heavy as I find it sits in the lines/wrinkles when you’re older :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Tj2000 ok I also have combination skin! I’ve started using Hyaluronic Acid serum as a based before everything else and it’s helped my skin a lot by keeping it hydrated and plump looking. I usually put Hylamide HA on first.
If you’re worried about looking oily at all, the Ordinary primer is meant to be amazing and keeps things looking matte and is very reasonably priced.

For foundation… you could give Becca a go for something lighter. The Aqua Luminous is light and gives a nice glow.


@Tj2000 As for mascaras… it’s very personal really. We recently had a thread going where people listed their favourite mascaras. This might help you decide: What’s your favourite mascara?


A nice way to start back into makeup is to start with a small selection of easy to use products, I’d recommend:

  1. CC Cream (tinted moisturiser with sun protection essentially)
  2. Mascara
  3. Tinted lip balm
    4 . Creme blush
  4. (optional) loose or pressed powder if you get a little shiny through the centre of your face.

There are plenty of brands around who do all of these - I think the Adore site has them at a variety of price points so you can choose how luxe or bargain you’d like to go.

There are some great resources online and my top picks are: Carolin Hirons (her focus is on skin care - but your makeup will always look better, the better your skin looks), Sali Hughes and Lisa Eldridge - Lisa also has some great tutorials just using 5 or so products and making up more mature faces as well. It can be hard to find information for those of us over 40 and I like all of these women because they cater to all ages and not 20 yos themselves. Have fun with it!


Thanku Christine and Tina. Much appreciated! I’ll give those products a go :smile:


I’m 55 and have had to change my go to products. A good primer like the ordinary one and a cream/ liquid foundation. I find the powders make in my wrinkles look more pronounced. As I’ve got older less is more. I still contour and I love using highlighters. Shimmery eyeshadow is a nono these days unless it’s going on an area that doesn’t move much like the eyelid. I use highlighting pens such as L’Oréal lumi magique. Elizabeth Arden and Laura Geller are lovely to and I use them in the shadows and dark areas such as round the nose and the corners of the mouth and Under the eyes . I love the becca products and Jeffery star skin frosts. Neutral matte eye shadows although I do like to experiment with bold colours. Neutral lipstick similar to the actual colour of your lips. Again I like to play and use Jeffrey Star velour liquid lipstick. I love the matte finish and it lasts all day. Have to exfoliate the lips well before using this. Talking about lips as I’m getting older my lips seem to be getting thinner so I use lots of plumper, Elf mainly. Primer seems to be a must all over the face lips and eyes. Gives a great smooth canvas and holds the products well saving retouching. My last thing I love to use later in the day is Mirenesse Blurrfection. It brings your face back to life making you look fresh. Talking of Mirenesse they have a great range of Collagen 10 products. I use most of them everyday but I can’t go past the colour corrector. After using a primer this glides on and imperfections disappear. They are good for the skin and creamy/liquid easily applied and blended.
I hope this helps. Our skin regime changes with our needs. It’s hard to keep up with it as we all have our favourite go to products and desired finishes.