Managing Frizzy, Curly Hair

Managing Frizzy, Curly Hair


Hey Girlies!! I have frizzy/ curly/ wavy hair (and no I cannot pull it off as well as Robert Plant).
What products and techniques can calm down the frizz and accentuate the curls? I really want a gorgeous shine to my hair whilst leaving it light and bouncy.

Thank you :kissing_heart:


I battle this daily- since moving to Qld the humidity, plus a thyroid issue, has turned my hair into an unmanageable frizzy brittle nightmare mess!!

I was using the kerastase hair oil which is good, but ive also just started using the Eleven miracle hair treatment and it is amazing. No frizz, just soft smooth and beautiful. Frankly a miracle given my poor hair issues!


Story of my life. I’m mostly in denial and am a chronic hair straightener. However my hair dresser recently recommended Kevin Murphy’s Young Again shampoo and conditioner duo to help lock moisture into my hair and it’s definitely made a huge difference. Even people at work have randomly commented that my hair was looking good.

@tinamiller is a curl expert though! I’m sure she has some good tips


Ah yes. I moved from Darwin to Brisbane, when I was younger my hair was a lot less frizzy. I will definitely try that!! Thank you


I found a great natural hydrating shampoo and conditioner from Hello Hair @ohhellohair works wonders on my naturally curly hair. I’ve just bought their hair mask to try too. For styling I love #nakhair Kurls styling creme


My hair is a big mess too :slightly_frowning_face: and with all the rain in Melbourne my head turned into a pom pom. I’m trying out Marc Daniels - Go Curly and Redken - Frizz dismiss spray. I can’t be too adventurous about shampoos because I have really sensitive scalp prone to dermatitis :sob: so I’m using De Lorenzo Tricho range for that.


Awww thanks @christined!

@lydiaa I’d be doing some online research for the ‘curly girl method’ and "squish to condish’ to start with and there is a fantastic facebook group for australian curlies. In the meantime, switch out your products to non-sulphate and non-silicone products (the facebook group has lots of resources/lists to help with ingredients - you’re about to become a curly scientist!!). Start giving your hair weekly deep conditioning treatments as well. Do check out the Sukin products on the adore site - this is a popular brand with curlies… If you’re hair is coloured or heat damaged it can take some time for your hair to really get it’s groove on. Lots of curlies completely ditch their shampoo altogether and use light weight conditioners to wash their hair - once you have gone past the transition stage - you’ll be amazed at the curls you can achieve. I went from wavy fluffy hair to curly easy to manage hair in about 5 months - this transition doesn’t happen overnight and can be quicker for some - mine took as long as it did mainly from user error!! lol I went from washing daily to washing twice a week and literally spend 1 - 2 mins refreshing my hair in between. I’ll keep an eye out for you on the curly fb page.