Mascara hits and misses

Mascara hits and misses


Hi everyone! I’ve recently been trying out a few different mascaras as my previous go to has become a too expensive habit. I’ve been trying to find reasonably priced mascaras that don’t clump and make look like I have 5 eyelashes! I am firmly in the fluttery eyelash camp. Please share your fav mid range/cheap but cheerful mascaras. Thanks to all.


:rofl: Too funny @tinamiller! To date my favourite cheaper mascara that is awesome is the L’Oreal Telescopic range. It seriously lengthens and thickens my stubby little lashes and I love the brush as it keeps my lashes separated.

Otherwise I am currently using the Mirenesse Lash Whip which is also reasonably priced and lovely but doesn’t keep my lashes looking as long as the Telescopic mascara did.


Is the mirenesse one of their tubing mascaras? I haven’t used Mirenesse for a while. Thank you!


@tinamiller yes it’s a tubing mascara. I have a feeling all the Mirenesse mascaras seem to be tubing which I love!


Modelco mascaras are pretty good value I reckon.


I have tried lots of mascaras, but I always come back to the good old “Maybe its Mayelline” :joy:
Of course your more expensive ranges have their benefits. But I find I can pick this brand up on Adore, supermarket, chemist warehouse. Various places in my travel! And its always cheap, and always gets the job done!


@annettebisinella Maybelline do know their stuff when it comes to mascara!


Thanks @annettebisinella I ended up getting the Maybelline one (mainly because I passed it on sale at the supermarket!) and it’s great! @christined I may have also ordered the Mirenesse one just quietly…lol