Masks for during a flight? + Keeping hydrated on a plane!

Masks for during a flight? + Keeping hydrated on a plane!


Hello friends! I’m jet setting soon, and while I like to imagine I’m the sort of person who is brave enough to wear a sheet mask during a flight, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make that a reality.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a hydrating mask that is a bit more subtle, so I don’t accidentally convince my fellow passengers think I’m trying to make the next Friday the 13th movie?

If anyone has any other tips for staying super hydrated and surviving a flight, I’d appreciate those too!


@alexandraraymond… omg I don’t think I could do this :joy: but I love the idea!
How long is your flight for? I’m off on an 8 hour trip next week and also looking for ideas. I’ve just purchased the Hydra Mist spray from The Grown Alchemist which is meant to be really good. Other than that I’m just all about Lanolips for my lips at the moment and drinking lots of water both in the lead up to the flight and on the flight. I also avoid the whole booze on planes situation.


:joy::joy: I dont know that I would be able to either!
However you could always go with eye masks and pop on sleep mask over the top while you have a nap! That way you avoid the puffy jet lagged look! LONVITALITE is my favourite mask brand!


You need a hydrating mist. I like Jane Iredale D2O or Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Mist.

Mask-wise, yeah I wouldn’t do a sheet mask either. Yikes. But I would do either of these:


I’m off to Japan this week :grin: :shinto_shrine: :bento: It does mean an 8 hour flight or though… I absolutely LOVE Lisa Elridge’s video about what to use in-flight!

The Dermalogica mask is a really fantastic recommendation from her, as it’s see-through and just looks slightly more shiny on the skin than a regular moisturiser - no one will bat an eyelid. Smells like cucumber!

Oooh @KateMorrisCEO are those both clear? I love the Cosmedix Enzyme Mask that I have, I could totally be convinced to switch over…


@Shannon_Staff not clear but creamy… but not super scary like a clay mask.
I like the idea of a gel! adds to bag


I used the Elizabeth Arden 8-hour oil last time I did a long-haul flight. I also find it has a lovely, warming scent that helped to drift me off to sleep.

Also, as it’s good for hands, chest etc. as it’s an all-over oil.


Oh I like the idea of something with a warming scent @jackie_d! It’s not to hydrate but I actually have the Aesop Ginger Therapy roll on oil in my basket for my next purchase for travel because of this!


Rescue Balm all the way! You can use this straight or mixed with a little moisturiser, so it’s a great product to take on the plane and then also use when you land to give your moisturiser a little extra “oomph” on those few days post-flight. Great for your lips too so no need to pack a seperate lip balm.


Hey Alexandra!

I say you should go for a sheet mask!!! Don’t worry about what other people think!! I do sheet masks on long flights regularly and no-one bats an eyelash!! It feels luxurious and you will DEFINITELY step off the plane looking like a million bucks!!

My tip is to own the experience and go all out! Usually I will put on my QANTAS pj’s, comfy socks and all and then go cleanse my face in the bathroom. I come back to my seat and apply this mask…

The next step is to order a glass of bubbles, put on a movie, push your seat back to the maximum comfy position and enjoy!! I’ll usually fall asleep with it on and then just take it off and finish off my skincare before landing. I promise this mask will leave you feeling hydrated, smooth, radiant and well rested! Think of it as your mini onboard spa treatment!! :wink:

Happy travels!! :slight_smile:


:laughing: omg I love your approach! To be honest I have done the sheet mask thing on the plane, though my flight philosophy is to dress as comfy as humanly possible and do whatever I like as long as I’m not disrupting anyone :stuck_out_tongue: I reckon people overestimate how much notice others are paying towards you anyway!

Sheet masks are much more handy than bringing micellar cleansers onbaord + cotton + moisturisers + your mask anyway… though @alexandraraymond I remember you bought those Bioderma Sensibio Sheets recently, those have gotta be good for travel?


I love your style @kirstygray! Haha… that sounds like luxe travelling to me. I’m way too lazy to do the PJ change and cleanse. I just wear minimal make-up to start with and then throw some on before landing if it’s a long-haul flight and I make sure I wear my stretchiest jeans!


I actually really love flying! I know some people hate it or get anxiety around flying but I really enjoy it and see it as part of the whole experience! I tend to indulge a bit on longer flights! And why not :slight_smile:


I’m with you @kirstygray, I kind of love long flights - or at least when I am by myself (without the two rugrats) - such a treat to recline and drink wine and watch a movie in peace!!


Hey ladies! In New here so first post. Just a thought to consider if you’re going to take a tube on to your International flight - remember the fluid restrictions for cabin baggage. I’d hate to hear that anyone’s expensive or amazing products were confiscated. I’ve got a long haul flight soon, so I’m taking in all the suggestions too!


Hey @kathleendowney welcome to the forum! Thanks for the tip. Would be a tragedy to have something confiscated. Especially just before a trip!


I completely agree with @KateMorrisCEO - The Sodashi Calming Rose Face Mist is my ultimate fave! Mask wise, Aspect Hydrating Mask is a winner - I’ve got a lot of friends and colleagues hooked on this :slight_smile: