Mens grooming article

Mens grooming article


[B]A blokes’ approach to beauty[/B]
By Allison Browning (beauty expert)

Ok guys, it’s time to clean up your act! Grooming is not just for girls. I know that the traditional packaging of skin and body care products has been pretty scary, pink and apricot coloured containers certainly don’t look very manly in the bathroom cabinet.

Things have certainly changed since the days of pretty fragranced cosmetics in fancy bottles. Cosmetic companies have finally cottoned on to the fact that guys need bloke-friendly skin care. There are now ranges especially for men with shaving kits and ingrown hair solutions, plus skincare products like eye gels and moisturisers designed just for male skin.

But first, let’s address some of the grooming myths you might have grown up with!

[B]Myth 1:[/B] Aftershave (as in alcohol-based men’s fragrance) is good to close the pores after shaving.
I think the “no pain no gain” philosophy is the source of this one-“the stinging means it’s doing something!”. Unfortunately this is not the case. Alcohol-based aftershaves can dry out and irritate the skin and make the skin photosensitive - i.e. more prone to pigmentation (dark blotches). Use a toner and then moisturizer to balance the skin instead! There are also plenty of cream-based aftershave products that are much better equipped to soothe the sting of shaving.

[B]Myth 2:[/B] Moisturiser is for girls.
Not the case at all. Both male and female skin is composed of the same matter, and we all age; therefore we all need to treat our skin to moisturiser every day. Men’s skin actually gets some pretty harsh treatment with daily shaving (well perhaps the weekly shave for some of you blokes). A good toner and moisturizer can actually soothe the skin after shaving, leaving the pores and skin moist, less red and irritated and very kissable. To really impress, use a lip balm too!

[B]Myth 3:[/B] who needs exfoliants anyway?
Exfoliating is an essential for men’s skin. Firstly it means that your moisturizer is able to be absorbed deeper into your skin as it is not ‘sucked up’ by superficial dead skin cells. Exfoliation is also a key step in preventing ingrown hairs, it can assist in lifting the growth that is trapped beneath the skin’s surface; and because we are clearing away dead skin cells there is less surface build up on the skin to cause the ingrowns! You will also find that regular exfoliating will make your skin feel a lot smoother and give it a healthy glow.

[B]Myth 4: [/B]I only need to wear sunscreen at the beach.
No no no! I get so many emails from people who have neglected their sun protection and now have dark blotchy patches of pigmentation. The Australian sun is particularly harsh; but in any climate, the sun’s rays are not only cancerous but speed up the ageing process and cause pigmentation. Every skin routine should at least involve a daily cleanse, moisturize, eye cream and sunblock on top! If this seems like too many steps, you can get a moisturiser and sunscreen in one, such as Ultraceuticals Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30+.
Myth 5:[/B] Cheap haircare, skincare and shaving products are just as good.
I am, for the most part, a believer that you get what you pay for and the proof is right there in the pudding - just read the ingredients listings and compare for yourself. Generally you will find that the cheap brands contain very basic synthetic ingredients. High quality skin care, shaving and hair care products will generally contain more active ingredients, botanical extracts and less irritating bases. You only get one body, so you may as well take good care of it!
Myth 6:[/B] If I can’t see results in a week, it’s not working.
Unfortunately skin is not like the backyard- you can’t just fix it all in a few days like they do in “Backyard Blitz”! Those wrinkles took years to get there, so they ain’t going anywhere in a week I’m afraid. I always recommend that clients stick with a product or skin program for an absolute minimum of three months to begin to see results. Cellular turnover takes 28 days for new skin cells to reach the skin’s surface, so we are certainly going to have to give our poor pressured skin some time to keep up with our demands. Good things come to those who wait, so be patient!

[B]Myth 7: [/B]Soap makes my skin feel squeaky-clean so it must be good.
Sorry boys - the facts will back me up on this one. The pH of our skin sits at 5.5 usually which means we have an acid pH. This “acid mantle” is essential for our skin’s ability to protect itself. Most major brands of soap researched had a pH of 9-10 making them very alkaline. This means that soap strips our skin’s protective barrier leaving it dry and exposed. A good cleanser will clean the skin just as well as soap does, without the drying effects - and generally with foaming and gel cleansers you get a two-in-one as you’ll find you’ll be able to shave with it too - Bargain!

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your boy’s skin routine.

hey gals and guys…

no one has commented on this article yet- we put in in becasuse we thought it would help all you guys and also the boyfriends of you gals using the forum…

get your boys into a good skin care routine gals!


I have tried so hard to get bf to start looking after his skin better! He is very stubborn and still thinks its for pansy’s. I even have to force him to put on suncream!!! :frowning:


Hee hee… my partner used to be very anti-skincare etc… now he uses cleanser, exfoliator, serums, moisturiser, even a bit of fake tan sometimes!


Having said that, thanks for all the info Allison… not much is written down these days regarding skin care for men etc…Maybe if I keep trying he might change his mind! :stuck_out_tongue:


they don’t realise they age too!

If I am going to care for myself and ensure I look fabulous at 60 I would hope my man would take an interest too!

often you can share some of the same products- it doesn’t have to be complicated for the boys, I usually start them off simple and then they get addicted! :slight_smile:


Yeah I usually only have to plant the idea in his head - first he objects and then starts thinking about it more, and then it becomes his brillian idea…
Hats off to you Kate, you’ve done well to get him to use all those products!


I just leave things hanging around in the bathroom… eventually he gets curious enough to say “what’s that for?” :wink:


humph men!

In keeping with the current theme my boyfriend tries - bless his soul - to use skincare but doesnt really know where to start so i feel it is up to me. Is there any advice out there for a good basic skincare range with cleanser, exfoliant, toner, moisturiser (with sunscreen ofcourse so he doesnt get to haggard looking while i look radiant with my ole henriksen). he has a great L’occitane shaving cream which he loves but relies on supermarket stuff a bit too much i think.


a few basics that get a great response and a really easy to use:

ultraceuticals gentle cleasing gel

protective daily moisturiser 30+( for day time)

ACE treatment cream (for night time- or under the protective daily moisturiser during the day if he wants extra moisture and vitamin treatment)

that is a super basic start- let me know if you need more help!


Despite being wrapt up in my own skincare routine, my husband wasnt all that interested. He has been religated to the laundry (albeit a nice large one!) as there is just not enough room in our (enormous) bathroom for his stuff too, so he doesnt really come into contact with my stuff (thank goodness!). That said, he now uses a cleanser, scrub, anti-aging moisturiser and sunscreen. Havent got him using eye products yet although he likes being pampered with a facial (cant remember the last time I gave him one though!). The ones he has enjoyed the most are Lancome Homme, Biotherm for men and Clarins. Well priced “masculine” ones include Natio for men (they do an ok smelling after shave balm too) and L’oreal - after all, cant have him eating into my beauty budget eh??:wink:


Well I was sucessful in ‘grooming’ my man on the weekend. And when I say groom I mean WAXED!! Haha that was an experience. I only did the bits of hair he has on the back of his neck, not much there to start off with, but I don’t think he will be letting me near him again in the near future. I think he now has a whole new respect for me when I get my bikini waxed.

He has also managed to graduate from using everyday soap on his face, to [I]occasionally[/I] using the Cetaphil I casually left in the shower.


Well i suggested a few things to my boy while in our local department store on the weekend, like an anti-ageing L’oreal men’s moisturiser for night use (i knew id have no chance if i suggested something expensive) and to upgrade his daily moisturiser to an SPF30.

Oh no, no…he basically told me i was crazy right then and there! He says hes fine, he wont age cos hes got his SPF15 daily moisturiser ha ha

I think they only way is for me to buy it for him…:flames: and since he works away from home all week, no such chance of even a simple unisex eye cream dammit!


Me thinks its an ongoing war. I guess its just not a priority for them. My boy is originally from a country farm so I don’t think there is a hope in hell. One day he might start using moisturiser… one day


No luck with my pardner on the skincare front. He thinks it makes him break out. I’ve explained about all the different products, finding the right one, good blokes stuff out there etc. Still a firm no. Prefers to let the “natural oils” take care of things, oh such the expert. There’s good oil and bad oil, I tells you!

However has no qualms using any (or should I say ALL) of my hair products and expensive shampoos & conditioners. Grrrrrr.


I’m still trying with my man, I have taken to standing outside the shower and not letting him get out until he’s cleansed his face. It’s a bit of a battle but I think there’s been a breakthrough - he [I][B]voluntarily [/B][/I]packedthe L’Oreal moisturiser that I bought him and took it overseas on his holiday! I was impressed.

Like you RBB I have the problem with the hair products usage. Nearly had a heart attack when I discovered how much shampoo and conditioner he was using each time!! :shockedhair:


My hubby on the other hand has totally embraced skin care!

He uses a foaming cleanser in the shower, exfolient, moisturiser, eye cream and sunscreen! He is 47 but could easily pass for 35! Recently at the Motor Show he stumbled on the Loreal stand where they were giving away freebies. The consultant there slapped some moisturiser on his face and said “ooh, finallly someone who looks after their skin”!!


Never knew cars and skincare could mix so well!


[QUOTE=raspberryberet;12271]Never knew cars and skincare could mix so well![/QUOTE]

Mmm, neither did I. Didnt question him about what they were wearing (or not!). Seems a little unnecessary that they had to actually “try” the moisturiser on his facial skin?!!


But how could they resist such clean, gently buffed, hydrated, sun-protected, young-looking skin?? Can you blame them?? He brought it on himself!! :chuckle: