I’ve been using a microcurrent device for a while now. It certainly works. My nose labial wrinkles are almost gone, my eyes are less hooded with less wrinkles. It’s a great way of really making your skin products more effective by increasing the depth of absorption. They are not that expensive and I think the ones with photon are the best.
Thoughts anybody?


I’ve never heard of a microcurrent device @kathrynhodgson, what exactly is it and where do you get one?


What’s the device called @kathrynhodgson? I haven’t used this technology and have been looking at other options like at home light therapy and microneedling - so would love to hear more about this as well.


I got mine on eBay. Search microcurrent and there will be a choice of them.
I picked the portable microcurrent photon rejuvenation. They are not
expensive. I do recommend this model for its combined treatment. This one
comes with indecipherable instructions. All you have to do is plug it in
and press the button. It has 3 settings I press the button 3times.


How often and for how long did you have to use it to see a difference @kathrynhodgson?


Microcurrent is AMAZING! You can purchased the Nu Face device here from Mecca. It works by stimulating the production of ATP which triggers collagen and elastin. Think of it like a personal trainer for the face- skin care is your nutrition and microcurrent is your exercise. Because the muscles on your face are closely attached to the skin, you usually see an instant result in how lifted and contoured your face is. As with all forms of exercise, the more consistently you exercise, the longer the results last. You can also get additional attachments that target areas like lip and hooded eyes. Two thumbs up from me!


There was visible changes from the start. It increases the absorption of
your products.