Model Co Products

Model Co Products


I have recently seen an advertisement for a new Model Co Face Scrub. I was wondering if Adore Beauty will be getting that? Also would like to know if anyone has seen it yet or tried it.


I haven’t but a Model Co 3-in-1 foundation or something won a New Woman beauty award and I am also wondering if that would be any good? I’m looking for a quality, cheaper foundation for wearing to work every day. It feels like such a waste wearing an expensive one to work - and then it’s not special when I go out!!


I too would like to know if anyone has tried the Modelco Fluidsplash 3 in 1 foundation. It looks like a great convenient product, lets hope ist suitable. I’m hopeful that it is a great product because the thought of just using one product for my face instead of 3 individual products uis vey enticing.