Moisture VS PROTEIN!

Moisture VS PROTEIN!


I have a serious problem trying to find the perfect balance between moisture and protein! Who else has this problem and does anyone know how to find balance? What products do you recommend for a beached blonde possibly experiencing TOO much protein ? Help! :slight_smile: x


Ohhh! I’m also interested…


Have you tried Olaplex yet @kristenarthur?


Hey :slight_smile: when is comes to protein most shampoos and conditioners usually have some content of protein in them. Always look out for either a wheat protein or a soy protein as they are water soluble and you lower the chances of your hair having an overdose of it. If you are ever unsure whether you actually need protein or just moisture you can do a little test with you hair to find the answer! All you need to do is after you have shampooed it grab about an inch of it if your hair doesn’t stretch at all and breaks or feels dry and brittle you need moisture and if you find your hair stretches a long way then breaks or doesn’t stretch at all and feels limp and jelly like your hair needs protein. If your feeling you have been using to much protein jump on to a gentle moisture shampoo . Matrix biolage hydrasource shampoo and conditioner is pure moisture this product is really great makes your hair feel soft,silky and healthy and suitable for bleached blonde hair.



I have! Someone recently told me to give it a break as their hair dressser told them it’s too much protein, but when researching myself I couldn’t see anything about it being protein? Maybe I should get back onto olaplex?x


My hair just breaks so I think it’s protein overload! :frowning: I’m using evo hydrating mask ATM but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Thanks so much for your help - I will get the products you’ve mentioned! X


I find it so confusing haha


:frowning: If its just breaking you need moisture! maybe go to using your mask like monthly if your finding its getting worse from using it. Protein isn’t a key ingredient in that mask so if you want use it like every 3 weeks and just jump onto moisture for now hopefully it helps calm the breakage down. Sleep with your hair in a plait aswell as it will prevent further breakage whilst you sleep! let me know how you go i hope this has helped :slight_smile:



I don’t think Olaplex is protein based, it’s a hair rebonder.

From their website:

Olaplex is a bond multiplier containing a single active ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Olaplex works by finding single sulfur hydrogen bonds and cross linking them back together to form disulfide bonds before, during and after services. Disulfide bonds are broken via chemical, thermal, and mechanical processes. Bonds break when exposed to chemicals in colour, from heat, and mechanical force such as combing wet hair.

I would definitely give it another go.


I think I will! Thanks for that! :slight_smile:


Thanks heaps I will do that! I try so hard to keep it healthy, (being so blonde it can be a challenge) it seems to have only gotten bad in the last few months, I can’t work out what I’ve done differently. Hopefully matrix helps. Thanks again:) x


I get my hair bleached and coloured like a rainbow and my hairdresser was using olaplex and I was doing the at home step weekly also. Last visit she told me Schwarzkopf have bought out Olaplex, and it’s now incorporated in their ‘Blond Me’ range. As part of my last bleach/colour last visit, instead of getting the little take home Olaplex bottle, I got a BlondMe Keratin Restore shampoo and conditioner to use. Much more affordable, smells lovely and my hair is feeling great!


Oh great! Thanks for that! My HD last used Fibreplex on me I think by them! I didn’t really notice a difference. I’ll look into the shampoo / conditioner you mentioned! Thanks


I don’t think Olaplex has been bought by Schwarzkopf, I think they’ve copied it with their Fibreplex range. Redken has a similar product now too (for salon use).
Some more info on different hair bonding systems:


@kristenarthur I have had ur exact problem! After having damaged hair from colouring I used Evo Gluttony shampoo and conditioner. Reviews sounded great, and I was sold by the hilerious packaging. :laughing: Its packed full of protein to help repair damaged hair.
Unfortunatly, thats not what my hair needed. And It began to break and fall out due to too much protein.
I now use Curaplex, which is the same as Olaplex. I only use Curaplex because my sister in law lives with me and she is a hairdresser, so I can get this range at cost price.

Here is what I have learnt about it all, deep breathe lol. I am not a hairdresser by any means, its what I have learnt from my sister in law and other salon professionals. :yum:

Olaplex and Cureplex are bonding systems. And I am sorry to say, really are the only kind of products that work for hair repair. I was shocked to learn that most products only make your feel as though it is soft and moisturised. They coat your hair with silicone or oils, rather then repair. :hushed: This is because they dont have silk proteins or active amino acids that are small enough to penetrate your hair. TRESemmé or Pantene for exmaple contain alot of silicone ingredients to make your hair look shiny and feel soft, but they dont actually make your hair soft and healthy.

When you colour hair, cuticles open and the bleach removes the colour pigment from your hair via oxidation. Any type of trauma to the hair, including colouring or heat styling, will break the internal bonds and make hair weaker. This is where your hair will break or the more you colour and style, the more it will split and break. Opalex and Cureplex repair these bonds resulting in less breakage and more elasticity to the hair.

However sometimes nothing but a good old fashion cut will fix it. I know how terrifying this can be for those of us with long hair. But once your hair is broken, there is only so much a hair product can do. And of course, not colouring and applying heat to your hair works wonders as well. But where is the fun in that!?! :laughing:

Long term Opalex and Curaplex treatments are the way to go though. I have No3 Bond Sustainer that I use as a mask in my hair once a week. Cureplex now also have a shampoo and Conditioner which I have just started using. And any time I colour my hair, Curaplex Bond Creator and Bond Fortifier treatment are added to the colouring process making it less harsh on my hair. Especially if your blonde.
Choosing a hair salon that uses these “plex” lines are the best way to go. The hairdressers can inform you on all the benefits, as they all under go training on how these work. They also understand the ingredients in each product.

And a handy tip: If you want to try a new shampoo or conditioner, but unsure if its good. Take a snap shot of the ingredients list and show your hair dresser. They can tell you if the ingredients are a pass or fail for what you want. They trained to understand what all the chemicals are about.

Hope that helped in some way!


On another site I read the following:


Thank you for your question – as Olaplex isn’t a moisture or protein treatment and is designed to be washed out of your hair before conditioning and styling, it’s not something that will weigh your hair down. No oils or silicones here