Moisturiser free

Moisturiser free


I’m wondering if anyone’s brave enough to cut down on products and go without moisturiser to help their skin balance out and improve. And what’s more - losing the cleanser and just using water. I have a suspicion moisturiser tricks the skin into producing less of its own natural moisture and therefore creates a vicious circle. My partner, who is a male, has great, healthy skin at nearly 40 and has never moisturised, exfoliated or cleansed. Are women entrapped in a culture of dysmorphia ; soft targets for cosmetic companies interested in profits?


Hey @sarahbutterfield, I actually rarely use moisturiser on my skin. Hyaluronic Acid as my base is my go to and I find this keeps my facial skin hydrated enough. I do pop some rosehip oil or The Ordinary Squalane on my face before I go to sleep though.
I tend to agree that perhaps your skin becomes dependent on moisturiser if you use it often.


I think it is a fair point; however I doubt that your partner wears makeup so he doesn’t need to deep clean his face anyway.


It’s great that you’ve got a simple routine Christine so that you can concentrate on other stuff in life apart from how you look.

I think my partner doesn’t wear makeup because he wasn’t taught from an early age that he needed to buy a whole lot of expensive products to cover up his face in order to feel socially acceptable and confident in society. I know some people say makeup is all about enhancing your natural features so you can feel better about yourself but I want to know what is it that makes so many (women in particular) feel bad about themselves from the outset? It’s like a default position. I just want to see more women go make up/product free to set an example to others. So much time and effort goes into appearances and I feel all that great energy could be channeled elsewhere.


I’ve recently done a huge overhaul of how I treat and look at my skin - I don’t wear makeup anymore (except for special events), I use a gentle cleanser, my Medik8 Blemish Pads, and a gel moisturiser. This is a super simple routine compared to how I’ve treated my skin in the past, and I’ve found that in the short term at least I’ve really improved my skin (it went from being super congested and uncomfortable to a lot more even and clear).

That being said, I still invest in my appearances in other ways - I get SNS nails, I put a lot of love into my hair, and I still love the occasional face mask. I think as my skin improves, I’ll build my routine back up to include more products.

I do this because I love it, not because I feel pressure to look a certain way - my male partner also loves sheet masks and pedicures, not because of how it makes him look but because it’s a relaxing venture for us! I’m not a big tea drinker, I don’t really like yoga, so makeup, skincare and haircare are my little oasis away from the real world. Everyone has things they do to calm themselves, to create routine in their life and to unwind, and this for me is mine.

I see it as another selfish indulgence just like taking a long bath, reading a book for several hours when I should be doing housework, or spending way too long looking at my dog. Of course I also do things to develop myself as a person, but if I was working on myself 24/7 I think I’d be exhausted!


Wow Alexandra it sounds like you’ve come a long way and that’s great that you’re comfortable with your simple routine and you enjoy indulging in occasional face masks, hair treatments and SNS nails ( have you checked that your nail technician is being paid a legal wage? Is the ventilation in the salon adequate? ) I still don’t quite get why, if you’re happy with your skin now, you want to build up to using more products though- it sounded like all that product use was somewhat to blame for your previous skin issues


I gave up all moisturiser and most cleansers… I alternate between hemp, jojoba, coconut or use a blend of all 3 with rose geranium and clary sage oil. And my skin is actually in its best condition yet. I swim in the ocean a lot and feel this exfoliates enough but I also use a face towel with warm water to cleanse or massage with oil first… and then admittedly I do have a couple of toners: moisturising from Benefit and exfoliating acid toner from Pixi. I have wondered if I should put the moisturising step back in but this conversation has brought me back to simplicity. I think you are absolutely right about the culture of dysmorphia, Sarah. The Beauty Myth is a good economic model in fairness. Question for Chrstine - do you use Hyaluronic Acid in the form of toner, cream or vitamin?


Hey @elizabethmajor I use the Hyaluronic Acid mostly like a base moisturiser I guess. I don’t use a facial moisturiser but after I wash my face in the morning I’ll put some of the HA on first, let it dry and then if it’s sunny I’ll pop some natural sunscreen on (something zinc based) before dusting on some mineral powder foundation. I find the HA just gives my skin the moisture it needs so it has a bit of plumpness to it.


Ok thank you! Any fave brands?


@elizabethmajor my favourite is the Hylamide!

But The Ordinary (from the same umbrella company as the Hylamide) is pretty good too if you’re looking for something a little cheaper. The Hylamide is definitely worth paying a little extra for though in my opinion.


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