Must Have Eco Friendly Products?

Must Have Eco Friendly Products?


Hi All!
I’m just jumping on the eco friendly bandwagon and am wondering what are the beauty, skincare, makeup etc must haves?
So far, I have only done a swap on my deodorant and purchased both Lavanilla and Axilla.


I’m a big Axilla deodorant fan too! For makeup I’m all about Inika!


Ooh. I’ll have to check out those products then. I’d like to change over foundations at some stage to a non-animal testing brand also but it would be great to be properly colour matched.


The Axilla actually made my underarms itch which I thought was odd. I’m loving the Lavanilla though.


I love Axilla. Hair care is the next one I want to swap over so I’m planning a non-aerosol dry shampoo, probably the Black Chicken one, to give me some extra time between washes but I’m a bit unsure what shampoo/conditioner to try though.
I’ve also been reading up on konjac sponges, what a fascinating natural product, I’d love to incorporate one of those in to my skincare routine.


ohh really, I thought of trying Axilla. Did you try out Lavanilla??


This sounds very interesting. I shall have to do some research on these products! Intrigued!


@vishnupriya I have tried the Lavanila! The smell is a bit different but I actually quite like the product. I’m wondering if perhaps the Axilla made me itch a tad as I had shaved not so long beforehand.


I’ve recently begun switching over to natural skincare and cleaning products. It feels like I’ve been searching for my holy grail products forever, and after recently spending quite a bit of money on some very popular and well known high-end products only to be left a bit disappointed I decided to look in another direction - natural.
I made a list of companies that piqued my interest and I then contacted a couple for their advice on the best of their range to suit my skin. All of the companies mentioned here are Australian. I have a book with a growing list of products to try, and the ones I’m in love with!

The companies on my list currently are Moogoo Skincare, Happy Skincare, Blessed by Nature, The Jojoba Company, and Mukti Organics.

Moogoo Skincare - I’ve been a lover of Moogoo for many years and all of the products I have tried have been excellent. I could list my favourites from them, but we’d be here forever. I always have their MSM cream in my bathroom and love it, even my husband uses it when his skin needs soothing (and he uses NOTHING!) Even better is that they have sister sites - A Bit Hippy, - similar range to Moogoo but they are also vegan; Dusty Girls, natural and vegan makeup; and Dr Zoo, natural products for your pets!! What don’t these guys do! I haven’t purchased from A Bit Hippy, but have from the others and all products are great. Customer service has been beyond excellent everytime I’ve ever gotten in touch with them. Years ago when I was getting married, Dusty Girls sent me quite a few samples of their makeup as I had no idea which would be best to buy which was very helpful. When you buy from them online you can choose a free sample to be included with your order. If you want to view the range in a store, chemists and health food stores stock them.

I’m currently using products from Happy Skincare, a husband and wife team who make their own natural, organic and vegan skincare. I found them when I started searching for natural products with jojoba oil and the great reviews on their site convinced me to give them a try. They offer sample sizes at a great price so you’re not spending money on something that you mightn’t like, which is always helpful when trying something new. Within about 48hrs of receiving my samples I was back online buy the full size. I am completely in love with their ‘3 Cheers Oil’ (cleanser), ‘Black Seed Oil’ and their ‘Pig in Mud’ mask and am pretty sure those 3 products will always be in my bathroom. I even bought their little mask bowl and beautiful mask brush which feels lovely. Although those are my faves, the other few items I tried were also beautiful. They also have great customer service and I’ve found them very helpful. You also earn points when you purchase that you can use on future purchases to help save money!

I have just discovered Mukti and the testimonials on their website are pretty compelling. Some of their items are priced a little higher then those I’m currently using and I’d love to find quality skincare that works for me at the lowest price possible - who wouldn’t!! - but they’re certainly on my list to consider. Their anti-oxidant facial oil sounds a bit delicious.

Blessed by Nature have much more affordable skincare that is sold in Priceline as well as online, which is great because sometimes you just want to hold and check out a product. By signing up on their site and becoming part of the BBN crew, you’re likely to receive samples to trial and review - and it costs you nothing! I just received 3 samples today so look forward to seeing how they go because the prices are so good.

As I have some health issues requiring medication I searched for information on gut health and the connection to illnesses and skin disorders. This led me to The Beauty Chef and their Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder, an organic powder filled with prebiotics, probiotics and lots of other great stuff! This is another product that will definitely always be in my home, I’m about to re-purchase for the third time. I don’t know if I’m glowing, but I’m having less breakouts then before and my skin looks a healthier so I’m not going to risk that by stopping. Plus, it doesn’t taste like medicine - I just add a bit in my morning smoothie.

And I know you didn’t ask about cleaning products for the home, but I recently discovered Method home cleaning. Although not Australian I was just really impressed by their story, by how and why they began their company, the products they offer and even better - how much they care about our enviroment. They helped develop the world’s first plastic bottles made entirely from plastic waste collected from the ocean, and that’s just one part of all the good they’re trying to do. You can buy their products online, in woolies and IGA.

So, I thought this was just going to be a quick post mentioning a few companies - but I’ve written a book of reviews!!! I think I need to go and take a nap now. :joy:


I’ve been looking at Mukti recently too. I don’t know why I didn’t mention before, the two organic skincare brands I’ve been using lately are ‘stem organics’ and ‘evohe’. I’ve been very happy with Stem’s products (I’ve been using the cleansing milk, exfoliant and toning infusion) but I’m currently transitioning them out for a skincare range that’s hopefully more tailored to my skin complaints. Evohe is great, I’m loving their Omega 369 serum and have just received a sample size bottle of their repair intensive cream.
I second Method cleaning products, I’ve been using them on and off for years