My Natural & Safe Home Cleaning Solutions

My Natural & Safe Home Cleaning Solutions


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The way home cleaning products smell and affect our skin often reminds us about how many chemicals we use in our homes. After constantly having dry, irritated hands from using conventional cleaning sprays, I switched to Bondi Wash’s Bench Spray, and have subsequently switched to some other natural products for my home, too.

The surprising part for me was that these products actually work. I don’t know why I had this idea in my head that they wouldn’t, but I have a feeling some of you are thinking the same thing, so I’m here to vouch for these natural home cleaning solutions!


My New Bench Spray:

Bondi Wash Bench Spray

- This bench spray is made from natural oils & plant-based ingredients
  • Cleans surfaces effectively while killing 99.99% bacteria & germs naturally

  • I use it on all surfaces including my kitchen benches, coffee table & dining table

  • All fragrances have a lovely fresh botanical scent

★★★★★ Good - Lynette

"Wow - best ever cleaning product. I am totally in love with this product. I have 6 houses to clean every week. This cleans every thing but the inside of the stove. Very impressed, now will try other products. Sending my order in now."

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My New Multi-Purpose Cleaner:

Dr Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap

This home essential has over 18 uses (it's my all-time fave multi-purpose product). I use it as a washing machine detergent, dog wash, floor cleaner and makeup brush cleaner, just to name a few.
  • Safe, natural & gentle enough for all skin types

  • Every soap is formulated with certified fair trade & organic oils

  • Completely vegan, biodegradable & entirely vegetable-based

  • Nourishing formula of extra-virgin coconut, olive, jojoba & hemp oils

★★★★★ Wonderful all-purpose cleanser - Alicia

"I got a sample of this product and overwhelmed how I was going to use it. I read some forums and many people recommended it for cleaning makeup brushes, and I have found they were absolutely spot on. This liquid soap works amazingly for cleaning brushes as there aren't any harsh chemicals. I use it specifically for cleaning my Clarisonic brush head and I find it leaves my brush looking brand new each time. I definitely recommend this to everyone, it is simple to use and super affordable."

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My New Dishwashing Liquid:

Little Innoscents Botanical Dishwashing Detergent

My hands were really suffering from all the chemical-based products I'd been using, so I figured I should swap over my dishwashing detergent, too. That led me to using the Little Innoscents Botanical Dishwashing Detergent.
  • Formulated using plant-based, non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients

  • Easily removes grime & buildup from your dishes

  • Contains added Aloe Vera & rosewood so it won’t strip the moisture from your hands

  • Australian made, cruelty-free and free from chemicals

★★★★★ Safe for the kids and the whole family!!! - Jovana

"I am a loyal customer of Little Innoscents and have tried almost all of their products. This product is a must! I was so scared to use normal dishwashing detergent to wash my baby's dishes. This seems to solve the problem. I actually looked up online every single ingredients to ensure that my baby is safe to use this. I will definitely buy more of this."

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