My New Favourite Scent

My New Favourite Scent


Is Penhaligons Victorian Posy:hearts:

Please please start stocking Penhaligons:worship:


Hmmm what does it smell like?


This should tell you:bunny:


Oh cool thanks for that. Love the bottles!


Aren’t they gorgeous:bunny:


Renee perfume

Renee has just arrived in UK but have no idea what it smells like, can anyone tell me if someone who likes Gucci Rush, Hugo Boss Deep Red would like anything in the Renee range. The things we do for daughters in Aus.!!!


[QUOTE=Ishtar;2137]Is Penhaligons Victorian Posy:hearts:

Please please start stocking Penhaligons:worship:[/QUOTE]

Ishtar, stocks the Penhaligons range in Australia but didnt see the Victorian Posy, worth checking with them. :waving:


I did send them an email but it came back as undeliverable which made suspicious
Have you dealt with them are they reliable


No, havent dealt with them but I think pinkcupcake has. They have been around for about 12 months, am on their email list and have a hard copy of their items. Dont think you would have a problem.


Rescu are fantastic. Please don’t hesitate to use them. Bahaar Geddes is the C.E.O of Brandmakers (rescu’s parent company) and she is responsible for bringing a lot of exclusive brands to Australia such as Pout, Cake, Cargo, Organic Pharmacy and many more. I’m sure Kate from Adore would deal with Bahaar in order to be selling some of the brands that Adore Beauty Stock! Please don’t hesitate to use Rescu Beauty Bar. I have made many orders from them and they arrive safely every single time. I also know that they have been having a lot of trouble with their e-mails lately not getting through. It might be easier to just give them a call. Hope this helps!:hearts:


Yes I will telephone I’m still a bit sceptical though