My Secret To Thicker Hair In Under 10 Minutes

My Secret To Thicker Hair In Under 10 Minutes


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Have you ever thought about getting hair extensions? Maybe your hairdresser ‘trimmed’ a little too much off the ends, or you’re like me and have very thin, fine hair. For those of us that can’t create volume with styling products (no matter how hard we try) sometimes hair extensions are the answer!

I’m excited about the launch of Showpony at Adore Beauty - we’re stocking a range of both synthetic and human hair clip ins, halo pieces and ponytails to cater to all your hair needs.

Why Would I Wear Hair Extensions?

As a hairdresser myself, I've seen first hand the many different hair types that can benefit from using hair extensions.
  • Perfect for those with hair growth issues

  • Adds instant fullness to fine & thinning hair

  • Get additional length & customise to your preference

  • Ideal for weddings & creating up-do’s

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What type of extensions should I use?

Showpony have both synthetic and human hair options to choose from, but which type is right for you?


Synthetic hair is obviously more affordable than human hair, so I’d recommend a synthetic piece if you are just testing the waters - Showpony have a synthetic heat-resistant ponytail which is great for styling up-do’s.

Human Hair

If you’re already dedicated to the idea of having extensions, I’d recommend going for the human hair clip ins. I’ve used clip ins in the past; they’re super easy to use, you can add more or less pieces as you wish, and they feel beautiful.

How To Colour Match:

We don’t expect you to know which shade to choose online, that’s why we’re here to help you colour match. To perform a colour match, we’ll ask you to send through multiple images of your hair in natural light, as it most accurately shows us the tone of your hair.

Determining whether your hair lightens through the mid length and ends is important, as we’ll match closer to that shade. Some blunt haircuts may also not be quite suitable for extensions, so we’ll advise whether or not you need to see your hairdresser to get your extensions tapered in.

For colour matching help, contact us here.

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How To Put Your Extensions In:

It's actually nowhere near as tricky to put extensions in as you think. For clip ins, the clips just pop open and closed, so section your hair where you want to place the extensions, clip in at the roots and cover with the top section of hair. If you need a bit more grip at the roots, I recommend back combing the hair before putting the clips in.

The human hair halo piece is just like a headband, so that’s just how you apply it! Once you’ve placed it in position, just feather the top layer of hair out with the handle of a tail comb.


How To Care For Your Extensions:

Showpony encourage you to use their specially formulated Shampoo & Conditioner to wash your extensions. If you choose to use different products, make sure they're free from sulphates, parabens and proteins, as these ingredients can affect the condition of your extensions.

Some extensions come with a temporary protective silicone coating which can make them look shiny initially. After washing them, you’ll find they’ll appear thicker and will be easier to style.

Pro Tip: To dry your extensions, clip them onto a skirt hanger and use your hairdryer to dry them off fully.

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