My Top #3 Natural-Looking Lashes

My Top #3 Natural-Looking Lashes


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There’s no bigger faux lash mistake than using a pair of lashes that are too glam for the rest of your look (that, and not trimming your lashes to fit your eye).

Of course, if you’re going for a Kim Kardashian circa 2009 look, long and voluminous lashes would be perfect - but for a softer makeup look, you need to opt for understated falsies.

I’ve made the mistake of going too glam with my false lashes before, so I’ve now got a few types that I circulate which all have varying degrees of naturalness to suit my makeup.


For Full & Fluttery Lashes:

I recommend: Velour Lash Natural Volume Mink - Serendipity

- A natural-looking layered lash on an invisible band

- Perfect amount of volume & length to create a soft makeup look

- Made from mink hair

- They have a fluttery finish & blend well with natural lashes

Tip: I love these lashes for casual evening wear; I don't wear a full face of makeup too often, but when I do, these are hands down my go-to lashes.

★★★★★ 5 Stars - Katie

"These lashes are so gorgeous without being too over-the-top so they can still be worn during the daytime or for a night out. They are easy to apply and I love the invisible band."

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For 'Almost Your Own' Lashes:

I recommend: MODELROCK Signature Lashes - Allure

- The most undetectable falsies I've used
  • This style gives your lashes fullness & definition

  • Very conservative length so they don’t look fake

  • Made from 100% human hair

Tip: These are so natural looking. They give your lashes beautiful definition and slight length, without being noticeable. I think these are the perfect bridal lashes; I also love them for day wear.

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For A Little Bit Of Length:

I recommend: Kryolan Upper Eyelashes - TV1

- These lashes are great for creating length

- They're 100% handmade with human hair

- This style is very fine & easy to apply

- Very thin band which can be easily disguised

Tip: If you've already got thicker lashes but you want length, these are ideal. You won't get much additional volume from them, which makes them perfect for day wear or bridal makeup.

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