Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover
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I’m in the market for new nail polish remover and wondering what you guys recommend? If possible i’d love something that is free of as many nasty toxins as possible but at the same time don’t want to be stuck scrubbing the polish off my nails like a mad woman because the remover quality isn’t very good. Has anyone tried the Kester Black remover? Or I believe Butter London might be suitable as well? Any other suggestions?


Hi there, I’ve tried the Nail Polish Remover Wipes from Kester Black and they worked well. I’m going to try their remover in the liquid version next. I’ve also tried the Fresh Therapies, EDEN Natural Nail Polish Remover, and it’s quite good. I plan on trying the water based nail polish remover from Hanami once I’ve finished the products I’ve previously mentioned. Note: I don’t use lots of brands of nail polish, so I’m not sure if the products I’ve mentioned work well for every brand of nail polish.


Thanks @Natalie! I might give the Kester Black a try. Let me know how you go with the others. What nailpolish brands do you usually use?


I mostly used Sally Hansen and SinfulColors nail polishes. Then I switched to eco-friendly brands such as Pacifica, Sea Siren, Kester Black etc.


@natalie do you notice that when eco friendly or acetone free that they do work a little less well or is the quality just as good?