Nail Top Coat?

Nail Top Coat?


Hi all,

What top coat does everyone suggest?
I use seche vite, but I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on long lasting/quick drying top coat?


Nail Top Coat?

Definitely poshe!


Poshe is our best seller and I don’t know anyone who has tried it and not loved it :slight_smile:


a friend requested ‘out the door’, have you tried it?

i think ill buy both and compare !!


[QUOTE=JDCreations;448211]a friend requested ‘out the door’, have you tried it?[/QUOTE]

I haven’t heard of it!


I LOVE Seche Vite. I do nail art and it is the ONLY one that I have tried that will not smear my artwork. I have tried others and they do work, but Seche Vite dries very quickly and hard and never smears. I put a coat on every other day to keep my nails looking fresh. I won’t change…lol


I rarely ever use a top coat (I change nail polishes all the time), but the ones that I really like are OPI top coat and also Ulta3 non chip.
Seche Vite is wonderful because it dries very quickly!