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Natural Deodorants
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OK so we’ve all heard it, most deodorants out there contain aluminium which really isn’t ideal to be soaking into our bodies. I love a natural product but a good natural deodorant is definitely one body product I’ve been reluctant to put my trust in . From what I’ve learned, a good natural deodorant won’t stop your body from sweating but it should keep nasty bacteria at bay which is what keeps that less than pleasant underarm whiff away.

I’ve had my eye on the Axilla Black Chicken deodorant paste and might have to give it a test run but interested to hear other people’s experiences. Has anyone tried a good natural deodorant that’s worked for them?


I find that “normal” deodorants seem to stop working after a while. So not only do I risk all that chemical stuff, they just don’t do what they need to!

While on a recent holiday I tested out a salt crystal deodorant (figure it’s easy to test when I don’t have to do “normal” life) and let me tell you… I’m a convert! I still sweat a little bit but it actually seems way less than with the chemical laced stuff. Plus, no smells on me OR my clothes. Totally sold.

Have also seen the pastes which I wouldn’t mid testing for exercising or when I know my deodorants needs to get me through an entire day and then a night. Would be interested to hear what it’s like Christine!


The Black Chicken deodorant is the best one I have tried, hands down, by far. It smells wonderful, and is the most effective natural deodorant I’ve used. The paste formulation did take a bit of adjusting to, but now I’m used to it and I can’t go back to traditional deodorants.

I’ve always been really adverse to the smell of your traditional spray on aluminium based deodorants (they give me headaches AND generally don’t work that well on me, fail), so I’ve tried quite a few different things. Honestly, the Aesop spray deodorant (the original formula) is hands down the best smelling deodorant I’ve ever used, but I find the Black Chicken way more effective for actually controlling odour throughout the day.


Thanks @alexandraraymond. This is good news! I was a bit concerned about what the scent of Black Chicken Deodorant would be like if I order online without sniffing it in person. I think it’s meant to be a woody scent - it’s not too masculine is it? And the whole applying with fingers is fine? I guess it takes getting used to, huh?

I LOVE Aesop… never tried their deodorant. You have me tempted… Do you think it might be effective enough to use through winter perhaps?


I have sensitive pits so can’t use anything containing bicarb soda which makes things difficult. I’ve found two sensitive skin deodorants that work for me, The Physic Garden and Alaffia. Unfortunately Alaffia isn’t readily available so I get it from iHerb.


Hey @Glossy, what is it about the bicarb that makes you react? Will have to check out your recommendations. What do they smell like? :slight_smile:


I’m not sure. I get a really sore, red trash after about two uses. Apparently people with sensitive skin react to bicarb.
The Physic Garden deodorant is unscented. The Alaffia deodorant comes in different scents, I’ve tried coconut and coconut lavender, they’re both lovely.


Ok I got my Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant paste in the mail last week. Been using it every day and I LOVE it. Smells amazing and works really well although I guess it will really be put to test in summer. My only complaint is the whole paste in tub situation… Bit of an effort to be sticking my fingers in there to put the paste under my arms every day. I would love it if they came up with a deodorant stick or something.


I began conditioning my body to go w/o. When I use deodorant, I use the Crystal. It is not an antiperspirant though but it works well enough for odor control but only for so long. I’ve tried some natural paste types but haven’t found one that actually works any better than the Crystal. However, I do like Rustic MAKA’s Patchy natural deodorant - created by some awesome ladies up in Michigan :wink:


I dont know if they’re considered natural but i adore the lavanila range. The perfumes for lavanila are also amaaaazing if you can possibly bring the fragrance part of the range to adorebeauty as well? @KateMorrisCEO @christined


Weleda also do a spray deodorant and a friend totally rates their sage one (and easy to keep in the bag for topups) @christined


definitely black chicken. My daughter who is 10 uses it too! Odour simply will not happen with it


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