New clinique website

New clinique website


Has anybody else been to the new and updated clinique website which lets you shop online? I know clinique is fairly accessible and at most shopping centres, but I love being able to take me time at home and go through each product, thinking of what I’d like to buy! The site looks pretty swanky too which is kool!


Thanks for that Serena, will be sue to check it out.



I’m so excited about this! Thank you Serena.

Always wished Clinique allowed for online shopping cause i use so many of their products and usually dont have time to go shopping!

:strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry:


No worries girls, Im sure you’ll like it seeing we understand one thing equally and its importance: beauty products! I love just browsing through the website even if I dont plan to buy anything as I dont have to worry about shop assistents thinking I have no home as I could spend hours in a shop haha


I thought this was pretty cool too!