New Haircare range - Harifix

New Haircare range - Harifix


Take a look at the brand new hair care range designed to break the bad-hair-day cycle!

Hairfix is a total detox treatment for hair that is suffering the effects of chemical treatment, silicones, pollution, weather and stress. Just like a facial revitalises your skin, the Hairfix detox system deep-cleanses and restores your hair to bring back volume, body and shine.

If you colour your hair, use silicone-based hair products, swim in chlorine or use styling products regularly then take a look at the Hairfix range new to Adore Beauty!

Check out the full range here:


Looks impressive!

Love how the ‘shampoo’ is called a ‘cleanser’

And three steps is a whole new concept!!!

(now im torn between this and the terax post i just read)